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Wedding: A Wedding Day Run

by Meghann on January 24, 2013

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The night before the wedding I couldn’t sleep. I was a bundle of nerves and kept having strange dreams that the gel french manicure I got on Friday was mysteriously coming off. Of all the things to have nightmares about the night before my wedding, I was dreaming about bad manicures – so strange.

I kept waking up and forcing myself to go back to sleep – I was just too anxious to start the day! Finally the alarm clock went off and I’m pretty sure I was the only one of the 5 girls in the house who immediately jumped out of bed and started jabbering on as if I had just downed 5 cups of coffee at 6:30 in the morning. Even on the tiny amount of sleep I managed the night before, I was still full of adrenaline and energy. I probably could have run a marathon and still have been able to do jumping jacks at the end – I was that wired.

Back in October I had joined Anne and a few friends for a short run the morning of her wedding and loved the experience. It was a wonderful opportunity to catch up with the bride and Anne couldn’t stop raving how nice it was to calm her nerves before the big day really got moving. I knew I had wanted to repeat the experience before my wedding.

So a couple of weeks before the wedding I sent an email out to all my running friends asking who wanted to join my bridesmaids and I for a run. The majority responded with an enthusiastic yes and we agreed to meet bright and early (7:00am!) at my parents’ house on the big day.


(From L to R: Ashley, Kelly, Mary, Emily, Jess, me, Ashley, Anne, Courtney, Stephanie, Melissa)

I was basically doing cartwheels by the time everyone arrived. The I’m-getting-married-today adrenaline rush was out of control and I needed a run in a bad way.

We weren’t planning on going far (a little more than a 5k) and none of us wore watches. It was an easy run where we would could all talk and just enjoy the peaceful morning that surrounded us. Even better, the run was a great chance for friends who had never met before to bond and chat before dancing the night away at the reception together.


My anxiety melted away on the run. All of a sudden it was just like any other day – just out for a run with some of my favorite girls. I wasn’t thinking about the wedding, I was just thinking about how grateful I was to have all of these amazing ladies in my life.


(bright running shoes are definitely IN)

If you’re a runner, I highly recommend going for a run with friends the morning of your wedding. It was the perfect way to kick off the day – full of friends and laughter. They calmed me down and reminded me that a wedding is really just like any other day…. only with a big party at the end.

My parents had a delicious breakfast spread waiting for the girls and I after the run.


There were eggs, bacon, pumpkin bread, scones, muffins, fresh fruit, and yogurt.

And champagne! You can’t forget the champagne!


Everyone stuck around for another hour eating breakfast, drinking mimosas, and relaxing.




Just before 9:00 the hair stylist arrived and it was time to start prepping for the day.

The countdown had begun, only 8 more hours to go until I was officially a Mrs.!

IMG_7248.jpg IMG_7250.jpg

Did you run the morning of your wedding? Have you ever run with a bride the morning of her wedding?

Photo credits: Anne and Ashley

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