Thursday, January 17, 2013

On a Kick

by Meghann on January 17, 2013

I’ve been on a snack plate kick lately. Ever since I returned from the DR it’s really all I want for lunch. Fresh crisp veggies, dips, and cheese please!

Yesterday’s plate:


Edamame, apple slices, almond butter, carrot sticks, cucumber, and hummus.



bacon, green beans, carrot sticks, olives, cheese, crackers, and hummus.

I tried cooking bacon in the microwave for the first time today. Growing up we always cooked bacon in a pan, so I assumed that was the only way to do it. The first time I saw someone cook bacon in the microwave was in college and it took ten years to have the thought to try it myself.


Yeah… there was definitely a reason I was avoiding bacon in a microwave. It sucks that way. The bacon was tough and missing that yummy greasy/ crispy combo that makes it good. I think I’ll be sticking to the pan from now on, totally worth dirtying an extra dish. 😉


I’ve also been on a yogurt kick.   


I had a bowl of plain yogurt for a mid-afternoon snack with berries, walnuts, and a chocolate BelVita bar.


No kick for dinner, but the meal was definitely something I’d been meaning to try.

Crock pot salsa chicken.


Basically I coated two pounds of chicken breast with a jar of salsa and let it cook on low for 8 hours. When it was done, I shredded the chicken and served it in a tortilla with spinach, onion, mushrooms, plain yogurt, and cheese.


The salsa chicken was super easy to do and super tasty to eat, very moist and delicious.


Roasted broccoli to round out the meal.


We have Delphine and family to think for dessert. Swiss chocolate straight from Switzerland!


Derek had toured the chocolate factory when he visited Switzerland as a teenager. You know it’s good, authentic stuff when nothing on the packaging is in english.



Just enough to calm the sweet tooth.


Alright, who’s watching the Lance Armstrong interview on Oprah? I can’t turn away from it. I’m not sure I’ll watch a cycling race the same ever again. :/

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