Tuesday, January 8, 2013


by MealsAndMiles on January 8, 2013

Hello from the Atlanta Airport!


Derek and I have a quick layover before we are on our way to the Dominican Republic. Why did we stop in Atlanta on the way to the DR? I have no idea, but do airline routes ever make sense?

I just wanted to check in before we boarded. I have a few wedding posts in the works while we are away and I plan to check in with some honeymoon related posts as well.

The first 48 hrs as a married couple have been WONDERFUL! Taking an extra day to recharge before leaving for our honeymoon was probably the best idea we’ve ever had. The extra day gave us a chance to relax, run a few errands, pack, and just take it all in.


My mom had special “Just Married” magnets made for the side of our cars. We kept them on while we were running errands yesterday and discovered this note in the windshield when leaving the Target parking lot.


The note made our day and reminded us there are still some amazing people out there. Nothing makes me smile more than the unexpected kindness of a stranger.

Last night we finished off the last of the wedding cake at Derek’s parents’ house while reviewing photos everyone took during the wedding.


Can I take a minute to rave about our wedding cake? My uncle did an amazing job. Not only was it gorgeous, but it tasted incredible as well. I know I’m incredibly bias, but Best. Wedding. Cake. Ever. I promise to share more photos when I do my recap of the reception.

Alright, our flight is boarding!! Next stop – Dominican Republic!


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