Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mini Road Trip

by Meghann on December 27, 2012

Any day spent with good friends is a good day. Today was a good day.


Mary and I took a little road trip south to visit our wonderful friend Callie in Venice. After all the trips she’s made to the Tampa area this year, we figured we owed her one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Before Mary and I left Tampa, we stopped at Jet City Espresso for our caffeine fix. I ordered the Cafe Borgia and grabbed a goat cheese and rosemary scone for the road. The scone was savory and delicious. I ate half on the drive down and saved the other half to enjoy with dinner.

201212272040.jpg 201212272040.jpg

The drive to Venice went a lot quicker than both of us were expecting. I’d say an hour and a half tops? It was really a straight shot south on 75. Once we made it to Venice, I couldn’t wait to say hi to my favorite little guy, the Mini Athlete.

201212272040.jpg 201212272040.jpg

He is as cute and adorable as ever.

There was also someone new I’d been dying to meet!


Little Miss Athlete!

Last time I saw Callie she was 9 months pregnant and ready to pop (she officially popped 4 days later). Now the Little Miss is 4 weeks old and such a bundle of joy. She slept and cooed the entire time. I love her already.


Look at that little sockless foot! I die! Is there anything cuter than a sleeping baby? I think not.

We dropped the Mini Athlete at his “Amma’s” house and headed downtown for lunch.


Venice is a quiet small town that’s right on the water. It’s about as cute as small towns come.


Right down to the little downtown delicatessen that a friend of Callie and her husband owns (they all went to high school together, pretty sure it doesn’t get more small town than that).


The deli was hoppin’ and had a menu full of sandwiches and soups that I would have been happy ordering anything off of.


It was a little cool outside today, perfect soup weather if you ask me.


I ordered half of the tomato bisque, which was chunky, creamy, and exactly what I was craving


And half of the cobb salad for a touch of greens.


For dessert, the owner’s mother brought us some cookies to snack on. The cranberry/white chocolate was a fast favorite.


Mary and I could have stayed in Venice for days chatting with Callie. It was so good to see her and explore her hometown. They only moved back to Venice from St. Petersburg a few months ago and we miss them like crazy up here, but we know they’re happy in Venice and we couldn’t be happier for them for that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mary and I took a slight detour on the way home and found ourselves at the new Trader Joe’s in Sarasota.


Yep. A Trader Joe’s. IN Florida. Woo hoo!

The Sarasota location opened a couple of months ago, but this was the first time I’ve driven through the area and had a chance to check it out. The location IS closer than any other Trader Joe’s have ever been to us, but it’s also still a good hour and a half drive from my house in north Tampa. Rumor has it they’re building a Trader Joe’s in Tampa in the next couple of years, I like that rumor – it’s one worth crossing my fingers for!

The Trader Joe’s was gorgeous. We spent a good 30 minutes roaming the aisles and picking up our TJ favorites (jerky doggie treats, two buck chuck, almond butter, pumpkin butter, etc) then headed back to Tampa.

For dinner, I made some pork ribs with barbeque sauce, roasted brussels sprouts, and had the other half of my morning scone.


Now Derek and I are watching Disney classics on ABC Family and enjoying our evening. The perfect ending to a great day filled with friends.

Good night!

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