Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Leftovers

by Meghann on December 26, 2012

The best part about any holiday celebration is the delicious amount of leftovers that always follow the next day.

Like Christmas ham with my morning eggs.


Or a Harry & David Pear (thanks to Derek’s parents!)


What’s the day after Christmas without a turkey sandwich?


We didn’t have any cranberry sauce, but a little bit of fig preserves worked just fine.


Oh, and you can’t forget the ham bone!


That went into the split pea soup I had going in the slow cooker all day.


mmmm… soooo good.


Split pea soup is probably one of the ugliest soups out there, but damn it’s tasty.


What’s your favorite way to enjoy holiday leftovers? I have some more turkey I plan on turning into a turkey pot pie this week! (another favorite!)

P.S. Derek and I applied for our marriage license today!


It was surprisingly easy. All we needed were our IDs, $93, and a completed form. Basically it’s more complicated applying for a credit card than it is a marriage license.


We don’t have to sign anything else. We just hand the paper over to our officiant and he’ll take care of it from here.


Only 10 more days to go!!

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