Saturday, December 22, 2012

Run, Eat, Shop, Plan

by Meghann on December 22, 2012

Brrrr… it was chilly this morning. I kept hitting snooze on my alarm simply because I didn’t want to leave the warm coziness of my bed. Just 5 minutes more…. another 5 more minutes…. the last 5 minutes... screw it – I’m just turning the alarm off and falling back to sleep.

Unfortunately Maddie would have none of that. She was ready to get up with the first alarm and wouldn’t let me forget it. Eventually I crawled out of bed and made it downstairs. The beauty of a cold morning is there’s no rush to get out the door super early for a run. I took my time and warmed up with a hot cup of water with lemon before gearing up.

I’ve had an adorable bright pink Brooks pullover in my closet since June and have been waiting for cool enough weather to wear it – I finally had my chance this morning.

brooks jacket.jpg

The pullover was perfect; there was just enough coverage to block the wind, but light enough that I didn’t overheat. I also enjoyed the thumbholes, longer length, and overall fit.

Since Maddie was extra hyper this morning, I brought her on the run with me. As soon as she saw me walking over with my running shoes in one hand and her leash in the other, she knew it was game on. She barked, jumped, and tugged the leash, proudly proclaiming she was ready to go.

We ran an easy 4 mile out and back. I left my Garmin at home and just enjoyed the run. It was a picture perfect day for a chilly morning run.

My brother and sister-in-law were pulling up as we were returning and my dad made us all breakfast.


Scrambled eggs, toast,and home made hashbrowns.

Derek made it into town mid-morning and we set off on some wedding-related adventures. We had a wedding bar that needed stocking and a goal of buying enough booze, soda, and water to keep 150 guests dancing and moving all night long. I need to write a post on the Wedding Page regarding our experience with stocking our own bar, it’s definitely been an interesting experience.

My dad brought us to Lone Cabbage for lunch.


I was crossing my fingers for a better experience than I had at the other fish camp I ate at the night before.


Confession: I’ve lived in Florida for 27 years and have never been on an airboat. I’d say that’s equivalent to the folks who live in Colorado and have never been skiing.


IMG_5828.JPG IMG_5829.jpg

This time i stuck with something I knew I couldn’t go wrong with – fried catfish and french fries. Not exactly the healthiest, but at least it tasted good. ๐Ÿ˜‰


After lunch we did a little shopping, then headed home to start the process of piecing the seating chart together.

seating chart.jpg

Oh, man. The mis-match tables of different shapes and sizes sure look cute in person, but they do make for a messy seating chart. Derek and I were pulling our hair out trying to place everyone, and we’re still not sure we have it right. Nothing is set in stone yet, but now we have a semi-idea of where everyone is going.

We thought about not having a seating chart, but we’ve been to weddings before without one in the past and weren’t fans of the approach. The seating chart will hopefully prevent unnecessary awkwardness and ensure friends and family members have familiar faces to interact with at their tables. *fingers crossed*

My dad made chili for dinner.


And ice cream was definitely a post-seating chart requirement.


My head hurts. Time to zone out in front of the tv and go to bed.

Tomorrow I’m walking away from all the wedding stuff and instead focusing on all things Christmas! Woo hoo!


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