Friday, December 21, 2012

Six Cool Miles

by Meghann on December 21, 2012

Good Morning!

A mini cold front is currently work its way through Central Florida, so there was a bit of a chill in the air when I got out of bed this morning. It was the perfect excuse to break out the long sleeve tech tee I got at the OUC Half Marathon earlier this morning for my morning run.

ouc half shirt.jpg

I really liked this year’s shirts. The design is great, the dark blue color is great, the long sleeves are great, and the fit is great, all that was missing was the cooler weather and excuse to actually wear it.

I ran a new route from my parents’ house and had no idea how far it would take me when I started. I guesstimated about 4-5 miles, but it ended up being closer to 6 – the longest distance I’ve run since the OUC half on December 1st. I’m sure I have the awesome cooler weather to thank for this, but I felt good on the run – really, really good – as if I could have kept going for a couple of more miles without a problem. It was a welcomed change to the so-so runs I’ve had recently. I love you, cool weather. 🙂

After my run I made two scrambled eggs and sliced up an apple for breakfast.


Now I’m ready to tackle the day.

Today’s line up is wedding focused (as all my trips to Titusville have been lately):

  • make-up trial
  • dress fitting #2
  • hair trial

At least these are fun tasks! Can’t wait to see how it al turns out!

Enjoy your Friday! The world didn’t end this morning – I think that’s a good enough reason to hit up happy hour this evening… right?

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