Thursday, December 13, 2012

reunited and it feels so good

by Meghann on December 13, 2012

The gang’s all here! Come on in, the water’s nice!  


Do you know all that hot and sticky weather I’ve been complaining about? The streak finally broke today! The air gradually grew a bit cooler through the day and by nightfall it was darn right chilly!

Of course, the temperature finally started to drop the night our swim team made a pact to reunite for practice.


Hello, pool… it’s been a while.

Luckily we swim at a heated pool through the winter and the water temperature was warmer than the air temp tonight. It actually felt good to jump in, like a warm bath or something. We complain about the warm water in the summer, but damn it feels good in the winter.

The first thing my coach asked when I showed up to practice was if I had been swimming. I was honest – I told him no. I hadn’t been in a pool in over a month and even that practice was so-so. I’ve been taking full advantage of my lazy off-season and it showed during my 300 warm-up. I was rusty, really rusty. I wasn’t the only one, we were all rusty.

After our 300 warm-up, we did several sets of drills, then finished practice with some team relays. It was the perfect off-season practice. I wasn’t looking for anything intense, just a nice mid-December refresher to make sure I still know how to swim. It was also nice to spend an hour with my teammates – I missed them!

Before practice I hit the mall for a little rehearsal dress shopping.


Do you see a theme in what I was trying on? I have the biggest obsession with lace lately.

I had my heart set on a dress I found online and wanted to try it on before I ordered it. I’m really glad I went because I would have totally ordered the wrong size. The size I thought I was ended up being too big and they didn’t have the next size down in store. I was able to try on the correct size in a different color and it fit perfectly. I ordered the right size in the right color and now I just have to wait for it to come in. Woo hoo! Rehearsal dress = done!

I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home and picked up some take-and-bake pizzas for dinner.


Honestly, these pizzas didn’t impress us at all. The crust, cheese, and toppings were all bland. Eh. I wouldn’t get them again.


I also got some Peppermint Chocolate Ice Cream from Whole Foods that was delicious. Derek’s throat is still bothering him and what feels better on a sore throat than ice cream? Nada. 😉

Tonight feels like a hot cocoa night. Anyone else care to join me?

Good Night!

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