Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mixed CDs

by Meghann on December 11, 2012

Psst… I updated the wedding page. Check out the story behind the cookie bar and our DIY favor bags.

Guess what we’re watching right now? American Pie 2.

I forgot how much I love this movie. It’s one of those rare instances where the sequel is almost as good as the original (American Reunion was pretty good too, can’t say the same about American Wedding). AP2 came out when I was in high school and the soundtrack brings me right back to my junior year. Sum 41, Blink 182, 3 Doors Down… if there were iPods back then, that’s what mine would have been full of.

Before the age of iPods, my parents had a jukebox in the great room (aka the “party” room) that we used to fill with mixed CDs for parties. Actually if you were to look at that jukebox now you would see that it’s still full of “M&R 4Ever” mixes my high school boyfriend and I made way back when (by “4Ever” we really meant until junior year… aww young love). I should really get a picture of them the next time I’m home. It’s fun to see the songs that are on the playlists like Sum 41, Blink 182, New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, N’Sync and Britney Spears. Plus the fact that they’re still there is amusing. “M&R” weren’t “4Ever” but apparently the mixes are. Can’t believe that was 10+ years ago now!

It’s funny how a movie’s soundtrack can bring back memories like that. I’m sure my parents feel the same way when they watch teen driven movies from the early 80s.

Lunch today was tacos.


Blue flaxseed corn tortillas stuffed with chicken in a dijon mustard glaze, spinach, and cheddar cheese.


But to be honest, I wasn’t really feeling the tacos today. I ate one then made a mini bowl of ricotta cheese and fig preserves. Now that totally hit the spot. Proof that it’s almost impossible to tame a sweet tooth with something savory – when you want something sweet, that’s something hard to ignore.

Derek I worked on our wedding ceremony script a little bit this afternoon. We made some good progress on it. At least now we have an outline and a semi-idea of what we want it to say – that’s a good start!

Burgers were on the menu for dinner.


I made buffalo turkey burgers by adding some buffalo sauce to the turkey meat before I cooked the burgers on the George Foreman. It worked pretty well, the burgers could have used some blue cheese, but ended up with a nice spice.


In the middle, a variety of roasted potatoes


And roasted brussels sprouts


Dark chocolate Attune bar for dessert


I’m going to finish watching this movie, then get to bed.

Good Night!

Did you make mixed CDs back in the day? What were your favorite mixes?

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