Thursday, November 29, 2012

Me Gusta La Playa

by Meghann on November 29, 2012

Now THIS is a view worth running for.


Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

My hotel is exactly 1.23 miles from the beach. You know you’re a runner when you can tell any given person exactly how far something is from you, especially if you pass it regularly on your runs. Like the Publix that isn’t just “a couple of miles” from the house, but actually 1.25 miles or the park that’s “down the street” or exactly 0.7 miles away. #NumbersNerd

Anyway, when I saw how close the beach was, I knew I had to incorporate it on my run. It was quiet when I arrived, just a few runners/walkers in the sand and a lonely kite surfer out in the waves.


The sand was loose and thick, so it wasn’t the easiest to run on. I made it a quarter mile out before having to turn back around. The total half a mile of sand was enough to say that I did it without completely wearing me out in the process.


Hello, wind.


I love the beach. I wish I lived close enough to run on the beach (even for half a mile) everyday. 🙂

The run to the beach, on the beach, and back from the beach brought my total mileage to 3 miles for the day. Honestly, I’m so worn out from being on my feet and traveling the last three days, I’ll take those 3 miles with a smile.

I consulted my Yelp app for a good breakfast spot after my run and headed to Saquella Cafe.


The coffee shop/bakery came highly recommended thanks to their tasty pastries and specialty coffee drinks. I brought my laptop and was seated inside near the espresso bar.


I started with an extra foamy cappuccino. It was rich, creamy, and extra delicious.


I really wanted some sort of yogurt parfait for breakfast and was thrilled when I spotted one on the menu. The “Healthy Treat” came with plain yogurt, homemade granola, and fresh fruit.


Check out all the fresh fruit! LOVED the kiwi and pineapple! I also appreciated the option of plain yogurt instead of the vanilla that’s usually offered in parfaits. This bowl was exactly what I was craving and totally hit the spot.

Today is my last day of demos! Woo hoo! Tonight I’m heading back to my parents’ place, then the bachelorette fun starts FRIDAY in Orlando! Can’t wait!

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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