Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bacon and avocado make everything better

by Meghann on November 27, 2012

Another day… another two Whole Foods Markets demos are in the books.

I started the day at the Whole Foods Market Coral Gables.


This one was attached to a business building and had one of those cart escalators that my dad turns into a kid around (he may be the only almost-50 year old that gets a kick out of letting a cart go up and riding on the escalator next to it – I love my dad). My brother used to live in the area, so I was already familiar with the store. We shopped there once during a visit. I think it was after the Miami Half Marathon. I remember getting post-race cookies from the bakery or something. 🙂

Anyway… I set up my demo near the front of the store and saw a good amount of lunch time traffic.


I wrapped-up with the samples at 2:00 and decided to take a break from the Whole Foods Hot Bar by taking a reader’s recommendation to have a sandwich at Whisk down the street.


What an adorable little restaurant. Parking was horrible, but I lucked out by snagging a person’s spot right as they were pulling out. I also avoided the short wait by taking a seat at the counter.


Check out the lights above the bar. They’re whisks! How cute!

I was feeling really drained at this point and ordered the first sandwich that popped out at me on the menu – the grilled tuna, avocado, and bacon melt (sans the cheese – I wasn’t feeling it). For some reason, when I read that description I thought it was going to be a grilled tuna steak and not tuna salad. If I had given it more than two seconds of thought, I probably would have ordered something different since I’m not the biggest fan of tuna salad (this was totally my error- not sure where my head was). When it arrived there was a two-second delay of “oh, this wasn’t what I thought it was” before I dove right in (I was hungry and didn’t care what I was eating at this point)


Wow. So happy I ordered this by mistake. Probably the best tuna sandwich I’ve ever had. The tuna salad wasn’t terribly heavy and the bacon and avocado were so fresh and flavorful – this baby rocked. I finished every single bite of the giant sandwich (this thing was huge) and loved every bit of it. I’d order it again in a heartbeat.

After lunch, I drove 20 minutes to Whole Foods Market South Beach.


I gave myself just enough time to check some emails, throw up a quick wedding post, and have a much needed coffee.

My set-up for store number two!


I loved this store. It was small, but packed and full of life. South Beach is really a whole other world and people watching in the area never fails to disappoint. Love it.

Major bonus: I was stationed right in front of the cheese case!


Something to remember for all future demo... make friends with the cheese guy! He asked me at the beginning of my shift if I like cheese (hell yeah, I do!), then proceeded to bring me various samples of his favorite cheeses over the next three hours. I was in cheese heaven! I sampled a goat cheese, a cherry cheese, some other cheeses I can’t remember the names of, and parmesan. Yum. Yum. Yum.

He also filled me in on some South Beach gossip. He’s worked at a few Whole Foods over the years, but told me South Beach is his favorite store because of the energy the store has. He also told me it’s fun to work in South Beach because you never know which celebrity is going to walk in. Apparently Christian Slater and Hank Azaria are Whole Foods South Beach regulars. I was hoping a random celebrity would walk in that I could give a Buckwheat & Hemp sample to while I was there, but no such luck. Darn.

I was so full on cheese, that I wasn’t terribly hungry for dinner when my shift ended. The only thing that sounded good was soup, so I had a small bowl of chicken tortilla.


I had an hour and a half drive north before I could check into my hotel and call it a night. I booked all of my hotels close to my morning stores since I would rather get the drive over at night and wake up where I need to be in the morning. It makes for a long night (I didn’t get to my hotel until after 9:00), but it’s worth it.

Alright. Time for bed.

Good night!


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