Sunday, November 25, 2012

All Lit Up

by Meghann on November 25, 2012

We started with this…

IMG_4298.jpg IMG_4322.jpg

and ended with this!


My mom has some mad tree-decorating skills. Seriously, if I were to decorate that tree it would look no where near as great as that one.

And, not only does she rock that tree, but there’s the tree in the foyer, too.


This tree is my favorite. It’s the one where all of our childhood ornaments are hung. ๐Ÿ™‚

You can see more photos of my parents’ house all decorated for the season here, here, and here.

My mom ordered new stockings for 2012.


She got a good deal off of VistaPrint. If you’re looking for custom stockings, I would highly recommend them!


I had a mish mosh of random leftovers for lunch.


Cheese, carrots + guacamole, brussels sprouts, and turkey. Yum.

My aunt and uncle came over after lunch and we spent two hours going over wedding details. I think my head is still spinning from the wedding overload. My aunt is helping with planning/coordinating (best. aunt. ever.) and my uncle is officiating the ceremony. We went over the logistics for the ceremony, as well as plans for decorating the venue. We have a meeting with the venue on Friday to go through their “treasure trove” to see what they have on hand and how those items will work with our vision. Before we do that, we needed to get together and lay out what we have, what we need, and any other questions we need to ask on Friday. It was a productive meeting, but also a head-spinning one.

I’ll be sure to update the wedding page this week with more information on the wedding tasks we accomplished over weekend. I have to say, I feel a LOT better about the wedding stuff after this weekend. So, so, so much better. ๐Ÿ™‚

I loaded up my car after my aunt and uncle left, and kissed Maddie and Derek good-bye as they headed home to Tampa. I was going a different direction – straight south to Miami. I’m working with Attune this week and will be doing demos at various Whole Foods Markets around South Florida.


(photo from November 1 )

Just a heads up that neither Attune, nor Whole Foods Markets, are paying me to blog about them. I was hired by Attune as an outside contractor for the demos. Since the demos are at Whole Foods, you’ll probably see a lot of Whole Foods on the blog, just because it’ll be easy to eat there while on the road. I’ll be demoing (i.e. handing out Attune samples) at 8 different Whole Foods over the course of 4 days – it’s going to be a busy week!

Since I already knew there would be a Whole Foods near the hotel, I stopped there for dinner when I arrived after 7:00.


Salad bar = easy.

I brought the food back to my hotel, put on a Hallmark Chistmas movie, and proceeded to veg on the couch in front of the tv. Travel dinner perfection.

I’ll basically be living out of my car/ various hotel rooms for the next four days. I’m going to try and keep my meals as clean as possible, as well as get in as much running and strength training as I can (I’ll miss my CrossFit friends this week!). It should be a fun adventure. ๐Ÿ™‚

Any tips for staying healthy on the road?

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