Monday, November 19, 2012

Was Not Expecting That

by Meghann on November 19, 2012

Well played, Breaking Dawn Part 2. Well played.


When I first saw the commercial for Breaking Dawn Part 2 with the promise of a “surprise twist ending” I kind of scoffed at the idea. Surprise twist ending? But I read the book – how can it be a surprise? Well… they got me. There was a surprise ending and I’m still a bit torn up inside about it. I won’t give too much away, but I will say that I was almost in tears quietly repeating to my friends “this isn’t how it is in the book…. this isn’t how it is in the book..” I will assure you that the “surprise twist ending” does eventually give you some relief, but it sure is cruel leading up to it.

Like I said… well played, Breaking Dawn Part 2. Well played.

Besides the ending, I thought the movie did great job story-wise interrupting the last chapter of the Twilight saga. They didn’t leave many details out, condensed only where it made sense, and I bet someone who never read the book could follow along without a problem. The hair and make-up were just as horrific as the last three films, but that was to be expected. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the creepy digitized baby. Lifelike or not – that baby was just creepy. Thank goodness Renesmee doesn’t stay a baby for long – the little girl they casted as Renesmee was perfect (the best casting decision those casting directors have ever made in this series).


Finally, a character who looks exactly as I pictured her in my head when I read the book. Thank you!

If you’re a Twilight fan and haven’t seen Breaking Dawn Part 2 yet, I urge you to get out there and see it. It’s a rare one that’s worth seeing in the theater. It’s a little bittersweet that this was the final film in the series, but the film makers do a great job with a mini tribute to all of the actors involved in the film at the end (worth sticking around for if you see it in the theater). I was happy with the final movie (even with the mini heart attack at the end) and can’t wait to see it again once it’s released on DVD. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you seen Breaking Dawn Part 2 yet? What did you think? Did that twist throw you off as well?!

I had the pleasure of watching Breaking Dawn this evening with some awesome ladies at the CineBistro in Hyde Park.


The CineBistro was Mary‘s suggestion. No one in our group had been before and thought we would check it out. The CineBistro is a restaurant/movie theater in one. You order your tickets online ahead of time and pick your seats too. Since it’s a full bar, the theater is 21 and up only, which is nice if you want to get away from the youngins’ for a movie. The seats are also roomie and recline, but they’re also pricey (its was $15.75 each just to see the movie).


We were seated about 30 minutes before the movie started. A menu was waiting for us at our seats and the servers wasted no time going row to row taking orders. With the option of a full bar, they also had an array of sandwiches, flatbreads, and desserts.



We paid for our food/drinks as soon as we gave our order and the service was quick in bringing our food during the opening previews.

I had some tofu and vegetables before the movie and hadn’t planned on having dinner there. Instead of a full meal (everything looked delicious by the way), Dee and I split the “Deconstructed Peanut Butter Pie” for dessert, which was a really rich, delicious peanut butter mousse with a drizzle of chocolate on top and a graham cracker bottom.


(They delivered it during the previews so I couldn’t get a great photo with the lights dim).

The peanut butter mousse was very rich and extra peanut buttery. The two of us couldn’t finish the single serving, but we sure enjoyed trying. ๐Ÿ™‚

I wouldn’t go to CineBistro regularly ($$$), but I think it’s a fun spot for a date or a girl’s night out. I would love to bring Derek back for a movie and try one of the meals on the menu (the burgers that came out looked really good).

I have a fun day in the works for tomorrow, time to get some sleep.

Good Night!

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