Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lunch with Ben

by Meghann on November 15, 2012

I had a visitor for lunch today.


Hi Ben!

Ben was driving through Tampa for work and called to ask if I wanted to meet him at Taco Bus for lunch. My family has a teeny-tiny obsession with Taco Bus, when ever any of them visit it’s the first place they want to eat at. I mean, there is a reason for that – Taco Bus is pretty tasty. Plus, it’s an easy spot to meet at since it’s right off the interstate.


Instead of my usual tacos, I decided to order the ensalada (a new menu item) with the chicken and cilantro dressing.


The dressing was pretty flavorless. I couldn’t really taste the cilantro, which is a shame because I really like cilantro. The rest of the salad was great. I love Taco Bus chicken and they piled it on nice and high. However, it was missing cheese, some cheese would have been perfect.

I wished my little brother a happy early birthday (I can’t believe he’s going to be 23 on Saturday!) and sent him on his way. I headed to Starbucks to work for a bit, then ran a few errands before heading back home.

I made a killer snack when I got back home: apple slices + almond butter + cheddar cheese (finally got my cheese!)


Yes, I ate the apple slices with the almond butter and cheese at the same time and, yes, it was fabulous. Try it!

Dinner tonight took less than 10 minutes to prepare – I love meals like that.


Peppers. Okra. Leftover sausage. Leftover broccoli. Shrimp. Spinach. Hot pan. Done.



Random thoughts:

  • Thanksgiving is a week from today! Who’s ready to eat? Me! Me!
  • My new favorite show is The Mindy Project. Could. Not. Stop. Laughing. Hilarious.
  • My abs are very sore after yesterday’s CrossFit session. Watching The Mindy Project was painful, but worth it.
  • I’m at that point where I’m done with wedding planning. Can we just get married already?
  • Maddie is so pretty. She’s the prettiest dog I know.

I need sleep.

Good Night!

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