Monday, November 12, 2012

When Running And CrossFit Collide

by Meghann on November 12, 2012

Happy Monday, everyone!

How was your weekend? Do anything exciting?!

This week marks the end of my first full month of CrossFit (I signed up with a BOGO deal, so I have another month to go with the deal). I promised a full review at the end of the first month but, to be honest, I still feel like a huge newbie around here. The thing with CrossFit is you never know what to expect and every workout is different, so even after a month in, I’m still finding my way around. There are still so many moves/lifts I haven’t tried and goals I haven’t reached – I’m not sure I’ll ever not feel like a newbie.

What I can share is that I do feel stronger and more defined than I did before. My biceps are starting to pop up and my back and shoulder have definitely seen some improvement. I’m also SORE all the time. It takes me two-three days to recover from each workout’s soreness. When I first started I was told the workouts never get easier, but your time for recovery does grow shorter – I’m still waiting got that shorter recovery to kick in!

I plan to post a “Bridal Shape Up” check-in sometime this week coming week. Along with CrossFit I’ve been working on cleaning up my diet (which has totally gone out the window the last week), running, and swimming. I haven’t hit all my workout goals yet, but I’m committed to making them happen.

This morning’s CrossFit workout was one this runner thoroughly enjoyed.


There were no skill focus sets today – we had a long WOD ahead of us and were told to prep our bars for the WOD instead. This was the first (and only) WOD where I’ve felt rushed to put everything together. I’d never done a proper dead lift in CrossFit before, so I spent my time doing a quick 2-minute review on form and technique with our coach.

Instead of building up weight, I made the huge mistake of trying to copy the weight on the bar of the girl next to me. You can probably mark this down as the first time in history where I started off with way too much weight. It didn’t take long to realize that my legs were too tight to stay in proper position with the heavier weights and I quickly discarded most of it. I ended up feeling much more comfortable (but still challenged!) at half the weight I started with. I hope we have a class dedicated to deadlifts (instead of a rushed intro) soon because I’d love to take my time and really see what I could life there.


(my set-up after the workout was finished)

Since I was still scrambling to set my area up when we officially started, I fell a little behind everyone else for the start of the WOD. The WOD was broken up into 7 parts where we did 20 reps of a move (dead lift, pull ups, burpees, etc.), then ran a quick 400m of the parking lot after every set. I’m not sure I realized how much my body was trained to run on tired legs until this workout. The weight sets were tough and challenging, but the run portions were fun and motivating. I would wear myself out on the weights, then take off on the run portions to cool down before the next set. This is where CrossFit and triathlon training collide – with the notion of running/ moving forward on tired legs while fatigued.

I almost felt like I was cheating because I was enjoying the run portion so much – I was totally in my zone during those points. It was thanks to my speed on the runs that I was the first person to call time for the today’s WOD.


I think that time includes a mile and half of running? ๐Ÿ™‚

After I finished the workout, I headed home for breakfast.


A nice bowl of oats was calling my name.

In the mix:

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • chia seeds
  • raisins
  • vanilla whey protein powder
  • cinnamon

On top:

  • pear
  • pecans
  • almond butter


My planned lunch for today included tofu and salad, but I was really craving eggs and bacon. Eggs and bacon for the win!


Two scrambled eggs with spinach on top of 1/2 a pretzel bun.


A side of bacon and green beans.


Sometimes it’s best to just go with your gut (and cravings!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

We’re doing a Thanksgiving-themed potluck for tonight’s book club meeting and I signed up under the “potato” category. Any ideas on what to bring?

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