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  1. Katie @ Peace Love & Oats
    November 10, 2012

    Ah I love this! I’ve always wanted to do one of these fun races but they tend to either be on a date that doesn’t work for me, or too expensive! Glad you enjoyed it!
    Katie @ Peace Love & Oats recently posted..Freestylin’

  2. meghan
    November 10, 2012

    This was such an amazingly fun race! I had the best time! Thanks for all the pictures! And I’m doing the color run. Me and Tori have a team. It’s called “Colors of the Winded”. Can’t wait! That’s going to be another fun one!
    meghan recently posted..Friday’s Letters

  3. Steph
    November 10, 2012

    I had such a fun time. I think I’m hooked on these! Can’t wait for another one!
    Steph recently posted..I’m a pretty muddy girl!

  4. Hayley @ Running on Pumpkin
    November 10, 2012

    I am so jealous, I want to do this race!!! I have been looking into another mud run, but this one looks less competitive and more my style. I am also planning on doing the Color Run in 2013! Glad you had such a fun day πŸ™‚
    Hayley @ Running on Pumpkin recently posted..Back to Normal

  5. Chelsie @ Balance, Not Scale
    November 10, 2012

    “I’ll definitely be wearing a tutu for every mud run from now on.” — I bet that if someone told you 6-7 years ago that you would say this sentence on Nov. 10th 2012, you wouldn’t have believed them. THAT’S how you know this was a truly unique experience!! I sincerely hope that I get to participate in one someday!! πŸ˜€
    Chelsie @ Balance, Not Scale recently posted..SES #12 β€” β€œNormal”

  6. Lindsay
    November 10, 2012

    Did you have someone from the race walk alongside you to take pictures the whole time? How did you get so many mud-free pictures with those dirty hands??

    • MealsAndMiles
      November 10, 2012

      It’s a waterproof camera and I wiped my hands on the tutu. We also traded off taking photos.

  7. Sam @ Better With Sprinkles
    November 10, 2012

    So jealous of all these mud/obstacle runs! Definitely on my bucket list – they look like so much fun!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted..Survey Saturday.

  8. Carrie @ Fitness and Frozen Grapes
    November 10, 2012

    Wow, what a fun event! Great pictures, Meghann!
    Carrie @ Fitness and Frozen Grapes recently posted..The Courage to Start Book Review

  9. Kristen @ notsodomesticated
    November 10, 2012

    How. Fun. I was smiling the whole time I was reading that post. Loved all of the pictures. Glad you had such an awesome time!! πŸ™‚
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..Cheddar Bacon Ranch Dip

  10. MissPinkkate
    November 10, 2012

    Looks fun! Hope they do one in NYC!

  11. Beka
    November 10, 2012

    I had such a good time today with the group! We are doing Color Run on Dec 15 too. I joined Kat’s team “We Be Runnin”. There were a few made before a few of the TBLB’rs knew each other were doing it, too.

    And hey, go big or go home right? No holding back. πŸ˜€
    Beka recently posted..#StrongIsSexy Week 1

  12. Kayla
    November 10, 2012

    Your tutu is hilarious in the after picture.
    Kayla recently posted..Marathon Reflection

  13. Jules
    November 10, 2012

    That seals it- I definitely have to do a fun run- either a mud/color/ or glow in the dark. It just seems like a such a fun way to break up the monotony on the course!

  14. Cindy
    November 10, 2012

    I always wondered – what happens to your shoes after one of those races?

  15. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More
    November 10, 2012

    That looks AWESOME! I have to do a mud run someday!
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..A Day Off

  16. Jessica
    November 10, 2012

    It was great seeing you all today. Looks like SO much fun. I hope the upcoming color run end up being this awesome!

  17. Chuck
    November 11, 2012

    That looked like a blast Meghann! I loved the Twitter updates today. Did you even keep your shoes or were you able to clean them?
    Some other “fun” races sounds good to me!
    Chuck recently posted..Acceptance, Willingness, and Committed Action

  18. Carrie @ The Cook’s Palette
    November 11, 2012

    Wow, looks like so much fun! Glad the laid back style was a nice change for you today. Cute outfits too!
    Carrie @ The Cook’s Palette recently posted..fall favorites

  19. Barb
    November 11, 2012

    I did Tough Mudder Dec 2011 at Little Everglades Ranch, gorgeous area in the middle of FL for sure. Glad to see that there are fun races out there to keep women training and coming together for a active time.

  20. Beverly Thibodeau
    November 11, 2012

    It was great fun!!! Every single person was nice and helpfull! I would love to do more runs like this! Where do you find them???

  21. Leslie
    November 11, 2012

    This makes me so excited for the mud run I’m doing next year! I can hardly wait! Thanks for all the great pics and laughs. πŸ™‚
    Leslie recently posted..The InAugural Run

  22. Courtney @ Journey of a Dreamer
    November 11, 2012

    Awesome recap!! Thanks for joining us, we had blast!
    Courtney @ Journey of a Dreamer recently posted..Coffee Date: Mud Runs and Mommy Moments

  23. Rebecca
    November 11, 2012


    Mud runs are always fun – and going through the mud is harder than it looks! I almost did a face plant when I did Warrior Dash.

    This race looked pretty flat – the thing about Warrior Dash (at least the one I did in Ontario) is that it was on a ski hill – so the hills were as much as an obstacle as ‘jumping over fire’. I found the actual obstacles easy – running up giant hills…..well lets just say I wasn’t actually running
    Rebecca recently posted..My go-to Movies

    • Meghann
      November 11, 2012

      Yeah, that’s the good thing about Florida – we’re pretty much always guaranteed a flat race. πŸ™‚

      • Rebecca
        November 12, 2012

        haha, that and something tells me that you guys don’t have ski hills down there πŸ™‚
        Rebecca recently posted..Farm Boy Indian Sauces

  24. Charlie (The Runner Beans)
    November 12, 2012

    Great photos, what camera did you use for this? was it waterproof?
    Charlie (The Runner Beans) recently posted..Movember 5K

  25. Emily N
    November 12, 2012

    This one looks like it is a lot more fun than so many of the others! Glad you ladies enjoyed it!
    Emily N recently posted..Mason Half Marathon Race Report

  26. Cathy
    November 12, 2012

    I did the Warrior Dash Saturday. It was a little more intense then yours lol, but yours looks like lots of fun!

  27. Becky
    November 13, 2012

    Our team also enjoyed this event it was a lot of fun! Wish I would have done the waterproof camera so we had more pictures. Lots of laughs could have been captured! πŸ™‚

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