Thursday, November 8, 2012

In the can

by Meghann on November 8, 2012

Day 2 of Social Mobile Payments is in the can!

It’s always bittersweet when a conference you’ve worked on comes to an end. All those months of planning and *poof* it’s over like that. We had a great team organizing this event and I had a blast working with them. As always, I learned a ton (especially about the mobile payment space!) and look forward to putting that new knowledge to use in the future. (For anyone who is curious about Social Mobile Payments, here’s a post about what I learned at the last event I worked with them on).

The morning started with breakfast and refreshments.



I had an orange and a bacon/egg croissant-wich.


Lunch was the “homestyle buffet”



My plate full of salad, potatoes, chicken, meatloaf, and green beans.


I downloaded a new book to listen to on the drive home.


“As he did so masterfully in his New York Times bestseller The Gatekeepers, Jacques Steinberg creates a compelling portrait of people obsessed with reaching a life-defining goal. In this instance, the target is an Ironman triathlon-a 2.4-mile open-water swim followed by a 112-mile bike ride, then finally a 26-mile marathon run, all of which must be completed in no more than seventeen hours.Steinberg focuses not on the professional who live off the prize money and sponsorships, but on a handful of triathletes who regard the sport as a hobby. Vividly capturing the grueling preparation, the suspense of completing each event of the triathlon, and the spectacular feats of human endurance, Steinberg plumbs the physical and emotional toll as well as the psychological payoff of the participants of the Ford Ironman Arizona 2009. His You Are an Ironman is both a riveting sports narrative and a fascinating, behind-the-scenes study of what makes these athletes keep going.”

A blog reader had recommended You Are An Ironman after I signed up for Ironman Florida and, after reading the description, I couldn’t download it fast enough. I love that it follows the journey of 6-average joes instead of pro-athletes. I can’t wait to get started on it! Don’t worry, I’ll have a review up once I finish it.

Alright, time to hit the road!

See you in Tampa!

Psst… I added a new post to the wedding page. Have you ever played “I Spy” at a wedding? Check out the little game I created for our guests thanks to a little inspiration from Pinterest.

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