Thursday, October 18, 2012

Slow Night

by Meghann on October 18, 2012

[wedding side note: invitations are all addressed and ready to be mailed! just waiting for the stamps I ordered online to send them out . it’s starting to feel real!]

This afternoon i had a serving of trail mix with a cheese stick for an afternoon snack.


Dinner was on my own: 2-egg omelet with feta and avocado (cooked on too hot of pan – whoops!) and a side of carrots.


My hunger disappeared again. Perhaps it was the 12 cups of hot peppermint tea I had today? Just a guess.

On another note I found two things of medicine in our cabinet that expired in 2005. I’m not sure which is more entertaining, the fact that we still have it or the fact that one of us has been moving the same bottle of Motrin since college. 😉

PSA of the day: take a few minutes to check the expiration dates and clean out your medicine cabinet.

Good Night!

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What I’m Watching

October 18, 2012

Thank goodness for leftover soup! I have to say I am not a fan of chicken noodle soup from a can, but I do appreciate a bowl of the homemade stuff. Especially when veggies are involved (like the carrots and okra I added to last night’s batch). Plus, it’s so easy, all you need is more »

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A Walk

October 18, 2012

Good Morning! I’m still feeling under the weather so Maddie and I enjoyed a long walk around the block this morning instead of going for a run. I’m trying to kick this cold in the butt as quickly as possible and walking just sounded so much more appealing when one can’t breathe out of her more »

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