Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just a taste

by Meghann on October 10, 2012

I had a consult at Parkesdale Market this afternoon in Plant City.  


Parkesdale is famous for their strawberry milkshakes (seriously the BEST strawberry milkshake you will ever have) and I had just talked myself out of getting one (you know “bridal shape-up” and all) when Xiomara told me they were now serving PUMPKIN milkshakes at the market.


Oh, man. She knows how to tempt a girl. The pumpkin milkshakes are made with real vanilla ice cream, puree pumpkin, brown sugar, and lots of pumpkin spice – basically, pumpkin pie in a cup. How could I say no?

Luckily, she offered a compromise – just a taste in a sample cup…refilled twice.


Worth it. Totally worth it. If you find yourself driving between Orlando and Tampa between now and the end of November, may I recommend stopping at Parkesdale Market and ordering the Pumpkin Milkshake? The rich pumpkin flavor is spot on, I would almost compare it to Jeremiah’s Pumpkin Ice (and that’s saying a lot because Jeremiah’s Pumpkin Ice is by far my favorite pumpkin-flavored thing out there). The milkshake also reminded me that I need to stock up on pumpkin puree and starting making pumpkin themed items at home. Pumpkin see is too short not to live it up while you can!

What’s your favorite seasonal pumpkin item? I’d say Jeremiah’s Pumpkin Ice is at the top, then the Parkesdale Pumpkin Milkshake, and finally Cigar City’s Good Gourd beer. 😉

Before I left this afternoon, I had a good snack at home (Oikos Superfruit yogurt, walnuts, and granola)


And even started dinner


I <3 my crockpot – it’s just so easy!

I layered:

  • sweet potato
  • onion
  • 1 bag of split pea
  • leftover chicken breast
  • seasonings
  • water

Then I set it for medium and returned home to this:


It’s hard to make split peas look pretty, but I promise it was good.


I really enjoyed the bites of chicken in the soup. It was a nice change up from the traditional ham.


Now I’m enjoying a cup of hot tea and am ready for bed.

Good Night!

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