Monday, October 1, 2012

Bama + Ry

by Meghann on October 1, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Jasmine regarding a handstamped jewelry shop she had just opened on etsy called Bama + Ry. I’ve known Jasmine for years through through the world of blogging (she writes from the heart at <- you should check her out) and the story she included with her email really tugged at my heart:

My name is Jasmine, nickname Bama, and I live with my husband Ryan (“ry”) in the Pacific Northwest. I have been making jewelry on and off since 2002. I am drawn to handstamped jewelry because of its highly personal nature. Each letter is done by hand, so it isn’t a perfect art, but when you string the letters together, they form something very meaningful. I believe words are the most powerful things we have. A beautiful or bittersweet phrase is a work of art in and of itself. I try to showcase that with my jewelry.

In many ways, this shop was born the moment I miscarried our twins this past February. I’ve always dreamt of two things: creating for a living and becoming a mother. I’ve learned, though, that there are things you can control and things you cannot. So, with this shop, Bama + Ry, I’m putting my energy into something that I can control. And, for the rest, I will put my wishes out to the universe and just

I owe every ounce of artistic ability I have to my mother. She is a talent I will never rival. Her creativity, sense of humor, and sweetness show up in my work over and over again. If my jewelry makes you think, however, that’s a trait I owe to my father. If, by chance, a bittersweet saying makes you cry, that is my broken mommy heart. I am in repair, and this jewelry is a part of that.

My jewelry combines my love of words with my love of wearable art, and I want you to know that when you buy, you are supporting a real individual chasing very real dreams. Just like you. Thank you so very much. ๐Ÿ™‚

Her passion and drive is unmistakable, not to mention the amount of heart that goes into the gorgeous jewelry she creates.

Screen shot 2012-10-01 at 9.27.48 PM.png

I got lost in Jasmine’s Etsy site for a good 30 minutes. I agree with Jasmine, there’s something about handstamped jewelry that’s so unique and personal. Maybe it’s because no two pieces are ever exactly alike or that the stamps are never perfectly aligned? Personally, I think it’s the imperfection in each piece, mixed with the spot-on personal messages, that make them so beautiful.

Fueled by Caffeine.jpeg

Fueled by Caffeine & Dreams

Mom in training.jpeg

Mom in Training

Jasmine also does custom pieces, which really had me excited. We’ve already been emailing back and forth regarding potential bridesmaid jewelry and I’m really excited with the initial concept we’ve come up with! I’ll have to wait and share more details after the wedding though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Custom Family.jpeg

Custom Family

I’ll be paying for the bridesmaid pieces out of my own pocket, but Jasmine was kind enough to send a necklace to sample and review. The necklace arrived with a personal note in adorable packaging.


Mixed Metal Running Superpower Pendant in Nickel Silver with two Copper Distance Charms on a Ball Chain Necklace


The necklace was perfect. I’ve worn it everyday since it arrived and have received a dozen compliments on it. I’m not really a jewelry person so the muted tones of the mixed copper and nickel charms coincide perfectly with my personally. They’re just right for my usual casual self. ๐Ÿ™‚


The necklace came on an 18in chain, but I noticed she does sell the 30in for an additional fee. I tend to lean more towards longer necklace chains so I’m planning on purchasing the 30in. I was actually excited to read she had the option – makes me love her shop even more!

Falling in love with Bama + Ry as much as I did? Good. I’ve got a present for you.

Head over to Bama + Ry, find a piece you can’t live without, and be sure to use the promo code MEGHANN12 at checkout for 20% off your full order. <– awesome deal!

You can visit Bama + Ry at or follow then on twitter at @bama_ry and Facebook

If you do need custom jewelry – Jasmine is a dream to work with. Give her a general idea of what you have in mind and let her run with it. Trust me – she’ll take it somewhere awesome. She’s also as sweet as can be and on top of emails. This business is her baby, and she takes pride in every piece.


I roasted my first acorn squash of the season for dinner tonight.


I forgot how much I love acorn squash, I have big plans for these babies the rest of the season.


I also roasted some chickpeas with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes


And asparagus


Dark chocolate for dessert.


Bed time!

Good night!

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