Saturday, September 29, 2012

Go Noles

by Meghann on September 29, 2012



Derek and I have been looking forward to this day for MONTHS. MONTHS. Seriously, as soon as the schedule came out – and we knew the exact date that FSU would be playing USF in Tampa – we got our calendars out and circled it twice. We’re both HUGE FSU fans (we met at FSU in 2005, then reconnected at a homecoming football game in 2008) and love going to the games in Tallahassee (our last trip up there was in 2009), but finding the time to go see a game doesn’t always work out in our favor. Having them come to us in Tampa was almost like winning the football lottery.


I’ve never seen Derek so excited for a football game. He was like a little boy on Christmas morning. The Seminoles! Here! In Tampa! I know, babe. Calm down. ๐Ÿ™‚

We spent the morning on a wild goose chase for an FSU jersey (we couldn’t find one for Derek, but I found a child’s jersey that worked for half the price – score!), then met up with some friends for a little tailgating.


And guess who else was in town for the game?


Derek’s brother came all the way from Maryland to watch the FSU/USF face off.


Are you ready for some football?!?!


Of course, no tailgating experience is complete without beer. i had two of the Sam Adams Octoberfest Derek and I brought.   



I also had a sausage (with grilled onions – so good!)


I made a veggie tray for tailgating (it got a little shaken up in the cooler), but I’m pretty sure Derek and I were the only ones who ate it. Oh, well – more for us!


Publix cookies- amazing.


Unpictured – piece of chicken + tortilla chips.   


It was interesting tailgating in bull country as a seminole. The group we were with were heavy USF fans, but there seemed to be a good mix of 50/50 FSU fans and USF fans when you started to walk around. There’s a strong base of FSU fans in the Tampa Bay area and we’re proud of our Noles!


Around 5:30pm we started to pack up and head to the stadium for the 6:00pm game.


Our tickets were through a friend-of-a-friend and the seats were AMAZING! About 20 rows up on the 35 yard line. Pretty sure I’ve never sat that close to a football field a day in my life. AWESOME way to watch a football game!



If you squint, you’ll see the FSU band. I’m sad they were so far away, but that didn’t stop us from rockin’ out to the FSU fight song every time they played it!


F-L-O-R-I-D-A S-T-A-T-E Florida State! Florida State! Florida State! WOOOO


The game itself was a surprisingly good game. To be honest, we went in expecting to destroy USF, but they managed to hold us off with some impressive defense. There were a few nail-biting moments that were a little intense in the crowd (I’m all for playful smack talk, but sometimes fans of opposing teams are just downright mean – that goes for BOTH sides here), but we made it through and came out ahead with a 30-17 victory.


So proud to be a Seminole today! Even if we had lost, I would still be proud. Florida State isn’t just my team, it’s a part of my history, it’s a part of what makes me who I am. I spent four years falling in love with that school and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. A true fan to the very end. ๐Ÿ™‚

Go Noles!

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September 29, 2012

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