Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Rundown

by Meghann on September 22, 2012

7:30am: Maddie starts moving around the bed and licking faces

7:45am: Give into Maddie and take her outside

8:00am: Start uploading photos from last night’s adventures.

8:30am: Derek wakes up and gets dressed

8:45am: Derek asks if I’m ready to go.

8:50am: Quickly throw together pumpkin smoothie.

9:00am: Get dressed.

9:15am: Leave house, take computer and enjoy smoothie on the road.


9:30am: Arrive at Apple Store.

10:15am: Leave Apple store with Derek’s new Iphone 5. Happy Derek.

10:30am: Head to Old Navy and realize their “Rockstar jeans” are NOT meant for girls with muscular legs.


(I went up two sizes and they still showed off every bit of cellulite I have)

11:30am: Arrive at Ikea

11:40am: Shop for new bedroom furniture (SOOOOO excited about this!!)


12:15pm: Head to The Bricks for lunch.


12:20pm: Devour black bean burger


1:30pm: Finish Howl-o-Scream post.

3:00pm: Pass the heck out on the couch

4:00pm: Wake up in a daze

4:30pm: Fill hungry belly with peach crisp


5:00pm: Realize I have no food and head to the grocery store.

6:00pm: Start making buffalo chicken meatballs and southwest dip for mini-football party

7:30pm: Open Cigar CIty Good Gourd Beer. (BEST pumpkin beer around)


8:00pm: Seminole game starts – GO NOLES!!!


8:10pm: Serve football snacks


8:15pm: Load up my plate (x3)


9:00pm: Make cookies


9:40pm: Eat cookie.


10:00pm: Come on, Noles! You can do this!


10:05pm: Hold breath and hope for a football miracle. Ekkk

12:00am: NOLES WIN!!!! (a girl can dream, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

12:01am: Pass the heck out.

Gulp. We’ll see.

Good Night!

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