Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good grain. Veggies. Chickpeas.

by Meghann on September 19, 2012

Flowers! Flowers! Everywhere!


My aunt and I took a mini road trip to Orlando today to explore some flower options for the wedding (we’re going the DIY route and wanted to see what the wholesale flower shop had in stock or will have in stock in January). Not all the flowers we’re planning on using are in season yet, but we did get the all-clear that the ones we like should be available when the time comes (woo hoo!). My aunt and I still had fun exploring what they did have; it was nice to see the flowers in person to get a better feel of what I like and don’t like in the flowers department.


(baby’s breath = like!)

I’ll fill in the rest of the details about our flower excursion on the wedding page tomorrow – stay tuned!

I was running late to pick up my aunt this morning and had just enough time to run into Publix for a quick lunch (which I ate in the parking lot).


Their pre-made wraps are actually pretty tasty. I always enjoy the turkey italian, which has a nice spice to it. If you only have time to grab something quick – the pre-made wraps are the way to go (the pre-made sandwiches tend to be a little dry, at least the wraps have a nice amount of veggies in them to keep them moist).


After looking at flowers, my aunt and I hit a few craft stores in search of center piece inspiration (we got nada), then stopped for frozen yogurt at Sweet.


A little bit of everything found its way in my cup. ๐Ÿ™‚

Maddie and I got a late start back to Tampa. It was close to 8:00 when we pulled in and I was *this close* to ordering food in for dinner. Before picking up the phone, I scanned the pantry for inspiration and discovered a bag of quinoa. Hmmm… that could work. So I started the quinoa in one pan and pulled some veggies (green tomato, red pepper, and kale) for the other. When the quinoa had 5 minutes left, I started cooking the veggies until they were soft, then added a can of chickpeas, a handful of raisins, fresh thyme, and salt and pepper. Once the quinoa was finished, I added the cooked veggies, a handful of shredded parmesan cheese, and called it dinner.


The whole meal took less than 30 minutes and was just what I needed – something light and tasty. You really can’t go wrong with a good grain, veggies, and chickpeas.

What’s your go-to meal on nights you don’t want to cook?

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Dogs will be dogs

September 19, 2012

Run puppies, run! We introduced Maddie to Fido for the first time last night (I’m currently at my parents’ house). She’s AWESOME with other dogs (big or small – they’re usually her instant BFF), but I’m not sure we’ve ever introduced Maddie to a true puppy before; especially one that’s slightly bigger than her, wobbly more ยป

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