Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bottle Shock

by Meghann on September 11, 2012

Great movie.


Courtney lent Derek and I Bottle Shock after we spent a good portion of Friday night discussing Napa and California wine country (Courtney is running Ragnar out there – JEALOUS!). The film is based on the 1976 wine competition where California wine defeated French wine in a blind taste test and essentially put Napa on the map. I know it’s a fictional account of the event, but I still found it fascinating to see how far California wine country has come in the last 30+ years. The movie made me want to do a little more research into wine country – anyone have any good documentary recommendations?

I’d say if you love Napa, love a good bottle of wine, or just love good movies – Bottle Shock is a movie worth checking out. Not quite as great as Sideways, but definitely up there. 😉

I wasn’t terribly hungry for dinner tonight, so I kept it simple with dinner for breakfast.


I toasted one of Sunday’s leftover waffles and topped it with two scrambled eggs and feta.


Paired with fresh tomato slices.


Earlier I topped some graham crackers with a combo of ricotta, peanut butter, pumpkin, cinnamon, and raisins as a mid-afternoon snack.


The combo was surprisingly delicious. Yay for pumpkin season!

Now it’s late and time for bed.

Good Night!

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