Sunday, September 2, 2012

Let’s Go to the Beach

by Meghann on September 2, 2012

We spent the day at Maddie’s second favorite place in the world (after grandma and grandpa’s) – the beach!


I love the pet beach at Honeymoon Island, as far as pet beaches go, I think it ranks near the top. Not only are all the dogs and their owners super respectful of every other dog or dog owner on the beach, but it’s also a beautiful beach with great sand and nice calm waters that the dogs can just hang out and chilax in.


Mary and I actually came up with the idea to go to the beach during our run last weekend because, you know, what else can you discuss while chugging along in the heat and humidity besides the potential of an awesome beach trip in your near future? 😉


Mary and her husband brought their pups, Winnie.


Winnie and Maddie were instant buds. I’m pretty sure they both spent 85% of our time at the beach in the water. They’re both water dogs.

IMG_0122.JPG IMG_0123.JPG

IMG_0128.JPG IMG_0129.JPG


And they both love to share. Winnie would chase the ball deep to retrieve it and Maddie would take it from her once it was shallow enough for her to reach.


We picked up lunch on the way and enjoyed a picnic spread at the beach.


The sandwich was a grab-and-go caprese from Publix and it was delicious. I would definitely pick it up again.


I also had some plantain chips and cantaloupe.






Awesome day at the beach. 🙂


And what’s a trip to the beach without a DQ stop on the way home? 😉


I hope your three day weekend is treating you well!

Happy Labor Day! 🙂

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