Monday, August 27, 2012

Safe and Sound

by Meghann on August 27, 2012

I made it back to Tampa in one piece. (that was more for my mom than anyone else 😉 )

I waited until most of the bands had passed, then took my time driving across the state. Honestly, I’ve driven through worse. Our afternoon thunderstorms can get pretty crazy sometimes – they throw some of these tropical storm conditions out the window. There was some wind out there, but not a ton of rain – just gloomy skies and open roads.

I downloaded “Hunger Games” before I left. After having the books in my procession for months (and eventually having to return them to the owner), I figured I was more likely to listen to the books than read them. So far I’m a fan. I watched the movie last night with my dad and there were too many holes for my taste – I’m hoping that listening to the books will fill a few in. I’m only 2 hours in, but so far, so many things already make so much more sense. I’m going to have to watch the move again after I’m finish listening to the book – maybe I’ll have more of an appreciation for it?

I stopped at Starbucks on the way home and picked up a non-fat misto and a Raw bar.

Derek was in charge of dinner tonight.


He picked up soup from the Publix deli section (I requested their chili)


And I made a side plate of the flax bread, cheddar, pickles, and tomato.


He also bought ice cream. I had a scoop of the vanilla with walnuts and chocolate chunks.


I updated the wedding page! My wedding band came in last week – check out the final product.

And with that, it’s time for bed.

Good night!

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