Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Little Swimmer

by Meghann on August 21, 2012

Thank you for all of your kind words on my Scooby post this morning. It was not an easy post to write emotionally, but I feel so much better having it out there. Scooby lived a long, beautiful life and he will be missed more than he will ever know.


I also wanted to share the comment my mom left at the bottom of the post.

“Meghann, what a lovely tribute to our scooby. This post lifted my spirits. It brought so many memories to my mind. Some of them bring a laugh, and some of them a tear. I am sitting here, reflecting on his life and what he brought to our family. 10 wonderful years of laughing, playing, protecting and loving us unconditionally. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. Tears are running down my face, as I selfishly wish he was sitting by my feet, looking up at me and asking for dinner. I have to imagine he is in a better place, free of pain and having a great time. Scooby was loved so very much and will live in our hearts forever.

I also want to thank all of you who wrote the lovely comments today. Your sympathy has been comforting to our family.”

I spoke with my mom earlier this afternoon and I think she’s still in shock. She couldn’t get over how strange and empty the house felt when she came home from work and Scooby wasn’t waiting for her by the door. I think that’s the hardest part at the beginning – coming to peace with the fact that your dog won’t be there to greet you every time you come home.


Scooby was an expert door watcher.

Maddie and I had to get out of the house today. I packed us a lunch and we headed to the dog beach at Honeymoon Island.


The last time we were here, Scooby and my parents were with us. Scooby LOVED the beach – he was always the happiest when he was splashing in the waves or rolling in the sand. It seemed only fitting that we would celebrate his life in a place that meant so much to him.


And, as luck would have it, Maddie even made a couple of new friends at the beach.


That’s Chopper and Duncan, she followed the boys EVERYWHERE.


Even into the water.


Maddie was doing this cute thing where she was standing on her hind legs when ever a wave came, so I went and grabbed my camera to capture it. Maddie is usually a “I‘ll stay on the beach while you go after that ball in the deep water” kinda girl, but she kept getting braver and braver on how deep she would go.


Just as I snapped my first photo of her on her hind legs, she fell forward and decided to just go for it.


Maddie was SWIMMING and it wasn’t just because we dropped her in the deep water and told her to “go!” This was all her!


You know you’re a proud fur-mama when you start jumping up and down and screaming in delight that your dog is swimming, then immediately wish you were recording it on video instead of just snapping photos. #furmamaproblems


(p.s. that isn’t me in the photos – just a new friend we met on the beach)

Somewhere I know Scooby is smiling down on Maddie’s new milestone.




A salad, crackers, mixed nuts, applesauce, and La Croix for mama.


Milkbone for Maddie.


Oh, and plenty of water.


We hung out at the beach for a couple of hours and just relaxed. My phone didn’t have any service, so it was nice to take a break from any and all technology. It was just me, Maddie, and a few of our new beach friends. I think it was just the getaway we needed.


And that’s why dogs rule – even if your heart is breaking over losing one, another one is there reminding you to live and love life to the fullest.

Scooby will be missed, but life will go on and it will go on with love, laughter, and dancing in the waves – just as Scooby would have wanted it to.

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