Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Favorite Olympic Event

by Meghann on August 5, 2012

Two of my favorite things collided this morning: the marathon and the Olympics.

2012 Olympic Marathon.jpeg


The race started at 6:00am New York time, but Ashley and I opted out of the “live” version and instead set the DVR to record the race and opted for the when-we-wake-up-at-8:00am version instead. Much better version in my opinion. No commercials and more sleep. Win-win.

We watched the race while her husband Bo made us breakfast and I packed up my things.

Eggs and running – you really can’t beat that combo.


The race was intense right from the start. Usually in any give marathon you only have a handful of elite runners who make up the front of the pack, then a few thousand runners who bring up the back. For the Olympics, they’re all elite and they all make up the front of the pack for the first part of the race. All the best marathoners in the world, clumped together in one big group.


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Eventually a distinct group of runners started to make up the front and we continued to cheer on Shalane as she held on strong, even though she had fallen behind. However, the Kenyans, Ethiopian, and Russian branched out and it became a clear fight to the finish. My legs and chest began to burn as I watched them practically sprint the last 2 miles, knowing what pain they must be feeling at that point. You could see it in their stride, you could see it in the way they swung their arms, and you could see it in their face. But you could also see the determination and the unwillingness to give up, and that was inspiring.

front pack of olympic marathon.jpeg


The final dash to the finish line was the best part. It could have been anyone’s race at that point, which was made clear when Petrova Arkhipova of Russian overtook Kietany of Kenya in the last 400 meters. Just a couple of miles before we were sure she was going to start to pull out, but, no dice, she was in this race until the finish. Amazing.

Ethipian wins olympic marathon.jpeg


Gelana of Ethiopia ran a strong race and there was never a doubt in those last few miles that she would take gold.

And now I’m inspired to get out there and race again. If watching the marathon taught me anything today, it was a reminder not to give up in those last few miles. That’s when races are won or lost (on a personal basis, not exactly on a I’m-actually-going-to-win-this-and-win-gold basis) and that’s when you really have to give it your all.

Did you watch the marathon this morning? Were you inspired?

I was sad when I discovered the triathlon events didn’t record on my DVR yesterday, but Derek and I did watch the men’s 10,000m finals this evening and, whoa, what a race! I about cried when Farah took gold and Rupp got silver. They both ran an incredible race and deserved each medal.

Farah and Rupp Olympic.jpeg

(source Getty Images)

My flight from NYC back to Tampa went smoothly. I grabbed a sandwich in the airport and ate it on the plane.


It was the bread that sold me on this one. Loved the nutty seeds.


Inside was some sliced chicken, cucumbers, and a spicy sauce. It was all a pretty tasty combo.


I also had a mini bag of animal crackers from the snack basket.


Derek and I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from the airport and picked up a rotisserie chicken for dinner. We paired the chicken with a frozen bag of fries and a frozen bag of veggies and called it a meal.


Doesn’t get much easier than that.


Ice cream for dessert.


My Olympic obsession with swimming has now moved on to track and field. I’m off to indulge.

Good Night!

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