Friday, July 27, 2012

When Coffee Goes Bad

by Meghann on July 27, 2012

Cousin love!


Doesn’t Jessica look just like my mom? Our moms are identical twins and she definitely takes after them more than I do. Where’s my light hair and fair skin?!

My cousin Jessica was in Tampa for the day with her son Jason, and apparently I’m not the only one who raves about Taco Bus, I guess my mom is a fan too. When my mom heard Jessica was coming to Tampa she stated it was a requirement that I take her there for lunch. Yes, ma’am. No arguments here.


I always love to share the Taco Bus love, and I was happy to hear it did not disappoint. Even Jason was a fan. The extremely pick eater finished his plate of “just meat and cheese” tacos without leaving a crumb behind.


I ordered one pollo verde taco and one with shredded pork. No crumbs were left on my plate either. ๐Ÿ˜‰



Even though the visit was a short one, it was nice to spend some time with my cousin. Growing up the two of us were inseparable (we’re only 6 months a part in age), but that changed as we got older. We both moved far away, she became a mom, I became a crazy running person, and we, well, grew up. We can’t exactly get together and play dress up while rocking out to the Spice Girls anymore, but we can come together for lunch and play catch up. Sometimes that’s all we need. ๐Ÿ™‚

When Coffee Goes Bad  

I want to take a minute and rewind to my post this morning. You know, the one where I admit I can’t make a pot of coffee to save my life. Which is true, I can’t. It’s something that sounds sooooo simple, yet I find incredibly frustrating.

As a few of you mentioned the labeling on the side of the package is usually pretty standard – 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds per cup of water. hmm… yeah. I’ve stared at that statement many times trying to figure it out.

I can’t believe I’m going to admit all this, but here goes nothing.

There are no labels for “cups” on the side of my coffee pot, only ounces. So, when I read the instructions, the first thing I think of is “well…what do they mean by ‘cup’ of water?” Do they mean how many cups of coffee you want? Are they referring to an actual measuring cup? Traditionally there are 8 oz in cup servings – could that be it?

Yep, that’s my mind over thinking it. I do that. A lot. And when I do, strange things come to my head.

For instance, one time I broke out the measuring up and counted how many “cups” of water filled my pot. Then I put as many tablespoons of ground coffee in the filter. It didn’t work.

Another time I divided the ounces on the side pot by 8 and did the math for how many “cups” of water that equated to, then again added as many tablespoons of coffee. It didn’t work either.

Then I just started guessing based on what “looked right” (that’s when it started getting really bad).

Derek finally told me that he put 3-4 spoonfuls of coffee when he makes a big pot, so I tried his method. Apparently we had different ideas of what “spoonful” meant because my first pot I made was too weak, and the second was too strong. This is where I really started losing steam.

When we were in Vermont last February, I had a friend try to teach me how to use the french press for the first time. They told me it was “so easy” and “impossible to mess up.” I did it twice. Both times looked like muddy water. Ugh. Maybe coffee and I are just aren’t meant to be.

I’m telling you these incredibly embarrassing stories to prove a point. You see, something that might seem so incredibly simple and basic to you, might be frustrating and difficult to someone else.

I was over thinking the coffee instructions and they got the best of me. Go ahead. Laugh. Secretly judge me, call me names for not knowing the difference, whatever, but I know I’m not the only one. I know there are plenty of people with similar stories involving thing that are supposed to be just as simple to do, yet they turn it into something so complicated.

I can’t make coffee. I also can’t do laundry, properly make the bed, or sweep the floor without my trusty no-fail swifter.

But you know what I can do? I’m good at dishes, I’m great at cooking, and I seem to have an odd talent for cutting perfect apple slices. I also make a mean cup of hot tea and can navigate myself around Google faster than the average person.

I have things that I’m bad at (and others excel at), and I have things that I’m good at (and others aren’t so good at). Derek might cringe every time I do a load of laundry without messing with the correct settings, but I’ll do the same thing when he loads the dishwasher and doesn’t get enough of the crud off (p.s. our dishwasher stinks), we balance each other out.

So let’s get all of our faults out in the open. Name one thing you’re really bad at (making coffee, making the bed, baking pies) and one thing you’re really good at (eating cake, cooking chicken, making adult beverages). Let’s show that none of us are alone. We all have our faults. We’re human that way.

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