Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chocolate or Vanilla?

by Meghann on July 25, 2012

Sometimes life is more fun when you start with dessert. 🙂


Butterscotch dipped vanilla cone from Bo’s <- my fave!

I promised Derek a big ice cream cone after the #SurviveOn35 challenge was over, so I made sure to deliver after dinner tonight. He ordered a double chocolate, chocolate and I stuck with my beloved butterscotch and vanilla. Derek and I tend agree on a lot of things in life, but ice cream is definitely not one. When it comes down to the basic flavors (chocolate/vanilla/swirl), he’s all about the chocolate and I’m all about the vanilla. I guess we can’t agree on everything.

What’s your favorite dipped cone combo?

The ice cream was definitely needed. It was another crazy day where I only left my desk a couple of times to take Maddie out and to make food. Can you take a wild guess out of those two, which took longer to complete?


Maddie took 10 minutes. Lunch took 5.

The nachos were simple. I lined a cake pan with foil then layered blue tortillas, pintos beans, and shredded cheese on top. Everything went under the broiler and broiled for a few minutes or until the cheese melted. When they were done I placed the nachos in a bowl and added fresh tomatoes and plain greek yogurt.


I needed a lunch I could eat while working at my desk, and this definitely did the trick. I could type with one hand while shoveling chips in my mouth with the other.

Around snack time I had a couple of handfuls of nuts to hold me over until dinner. (photo below x2)


Dinner was amazing thanks to this pre-breaded cubed pork steak I found at Publix


I followed the directions on the package and started by heating some oil on medium-high. I fried one side of the pork in the oil for 4 minutes, then flipped the pork and did the other for 7. When the meat was cooked through, I took both pieces out and sprinkled a spoonful of flour on the pan to soak up all the oils and juices. Some milk was added to the pan and whisking was attempted to break up the flour clumps. Once the gravy was brought to a boil, then back to low, I added the meat back in and covered the pan for 5 minutes.


Come to mama!


This was good. Real good. I’m pretty sure it’s hard to go wrong with country fried steak, especially when it’s not overly greasy of heavy on the gravy – this version was perfect.


With the pork steak I also roasted some asparagus


And rutabaga.


I’m running behind on some Words with Friends games, perhaps it’s time to get to bed and play some nightly catch up.

Good Night!

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