Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sunny Seattle

by Meghann on July 12, 2012

I had my first taste of running with a jogging stroller this morning.


The verdict? Not as bad as I was expecting.

I’ll admit I’ve been curious about jogging strollers ever since a few of my blogging friends became moms and started blogging about their experiences with them. Some love them, some hate them, but all agree it’s a completely different workout running with one. I have no plans of popping out babies anytime soon (I have an Ironman to do first), but when Emily asked if I wanted to push the stroller during our 3 mile run around the lake, I couldn’t turn her down.

I could definitely feel the difference in my stride almost as soon as I started running with the stroller. It shortened simply in fear of trying to not kick the thing. Also, I had to keep trading off running with each arm because trying to push the stroller with two while running was just awkward. The stroller was lighter than I was expecting – I would compare the extra effort to push the stroller with running into the wind or at a slight incline. It really wasn’t so bad for the first part, but it wears you down as the run goes on.


Emily and I got a nice 3 mile run in with Cullen, while enjoying the amazing weather. I think Seattle is spoiling me while I’m here – another beautiful cloudless day? I’ll take it!

After the lake we cleaned up and headed to the one “tourist-y” thing I requested we do while in Seattle: Pike Place.


I had a special friend there that I was dying to meet for lunch.


Don’t you love it with the stars align and you are randomly visiting the same place as a friend? H. resides in New Jersey, but just happened to be ending her 18-day-west-coast -road-trip honeymoon in Seattle today. What are the odds? When she saw I was coming to Seattle, she sent a text seeing if I wanted to meet up. Ummm… heck yeah!


We had lots to catch up on, such as her beautiful wedding, amazing honeymoon, and the new bun she has baking in the oven. (side note: I miss my daily HangryPants updates!) It was really good to see them, and I’m glad it happened to work out that way.

We were all starving when we first met up and immediately found a cute little delicatessen right outside Pike Place to eat at.


Nothing fancy, just a little shop that made gourmet sandwiches and had some quiet chairs for us to sit at and chat.



I ordered a beef, blue cheese, and caramelized onion sandwich on an olive loaf bread.


For something we just randomly walked into, this sandwich was pretty amazing. I loved the fresh greens, crusty bread, and blue cheese spread. Yum.


I also had a dry soda per Emily’s recommendation.


I liked it. It wasn’t as sweet as traditional soda (which I liked) and was on the drier side (similar to how you would classify wine as dry). I’d drink it again.

After lunch we said our good-bye to Heather and Mark, then took a quick lap around Pike Place.


It was a lot smaller, and narrower than I was expecting. I was picturing something open like Reading Terminal Market, but this was really just like a tight hallway.

The flowers were pretty gorgeous (and cheap!).

IMG_7057.JPG IMG_7064.JPG

And I was kicking myself later for not buying some sort of fresh fruit for the plane.


IMG_7061.JPG IMG_7062.JPG

I get to see where these babies come from tomorrow!


Bye, Bye Seattle! Next time I’ll have to visit longer.


We headed straight to the airport from the market. I said my good-byes to Emily and Cullen (*sniff*sniff), waited in the world’s slowest security line, and had a strawberry smoothie(sans banana) at the gate (it was missing some rum, tasted like a virgin daiquiri).


My flight to Yakima was short (only 20 minutes!) and tiny. It was one of those planes where they take your carry-on at the door because ain’t nothin’ fitting in those overhead compartments.

Screen shot 2012-07-12 at 12.22.50 AM.png

Welcome to Yakima!


I love that we all had to wait outside for our carry-ons. Just chillin’. No big deal.


I met up with the FABULOUS Whole Foods people (I love working with brands that have a great team to represent them!) and we all headed to dinner.


The table started with Asian Nachos, which was a yummy chicken and peanut sauce mix served over fried wontons.


Something I didn’t know about Yakima before planning this trip – it’s wine country! The restaurant only had local Washington wines on their menu, so we all thought it would be fun to order wine flights to get a taste of what’s out there. I went with “Call Me a Cab”


I thought all the cabs were pretty good.


Each meal came with a starter salad. The port vingerarette on the side is made in house and had a nice tart kick to it.


For my main meal, I ordered the salmon, which was amazing. It was served with a nice cherry compote that added a touch of sweetness to the dish.


We left dinner all stuffed to the brim and took our time getting to the hotel, while enjoying the beautiful Yakima evening light.


We’re actually staying at an adorable Bed & Breakfast in the middle of wine country. I think it fits the vibe of the area perfectly.


What a long day! A fun day, but a long one. Can’t wait to learn all about cherries tomorrow!

Good Night!

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