Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Debby Downer

by Meghann on June 26, 2012

My mom had a plan. She took two weeks off of work for her daughter’s wedding – one week before to help prep and one week after to relax. She rented a beach house on her favorite island off of the west coast of Florida and invited the rest of her kids to join her. Somehow the stars aligned and every kid plus their significant others (including the ones in residency in California) were able to get the time off to vacation together (well, not the one leaving on her honeymoon). It was a rare occasion that needed to be celebrated.

Then Debby Downer struck and threw everyone for a loop.



Darn you, Debby!

When we went to bed Sunday night, we basically crossed our fingers that Debby would sorta disappear. We had 8 people and 2 dogs who were ready for a week at the beach. Rain or not, we were heading over there.

When we woke up early Monday morning (6:00am to be exact), Debby was still there. Luckily the boats were still running delay free to our little island, so we loaded the cars and decided to chance it.

I had a yogurt with blueberries and a piece of scone and muffin before hitting the road.


The drive to the west coast was rainy, but not terrible – I’ve driven though worst. Once we got to the coast we stocked up with enough groceries to feed 8 people for a week (aka a LOT of food). And, since we were running early, we stopped for lunch to kill time.


We needed a place with outdoor seating to fit these two little furballs’ needs.

IMG_5764.jpg IMG_5761.JPG

And this place fit the bill.


I wanted the chili, but they were out (apparently everyone else was craving the rainy day meal, too). In place of the chili, I ordered the quiche with fruit salad.


It tasted great, but the portion was tiny. I ended up having a 1/4 of my sister-in-law’s club sandwich, as well.

We were still doing great on time after lunch and decided to head to the boat site a little early to see if we could catch and earlier boat. Up until then we were getting updates that all boats were running on time and we should have no problem getting on the island today.



Debby Downer had caught up to us.

Just as we pulled up, the coast guard called to shut the ferry service down. Nooooo…. We tried to sweet talk our way into one last ride, but no-dice – the waves were rough, the winds were high, and carting residents back and forth to the private island was deemed unsafe. Dratz. So close, yet so far.

We were told they were done for the day and were given a few options of where to stay for the evening. This is where it got complicated. We had 8 people, 2 dogs, and 3 cars full of groceries that were desperately in need of a fridge (we had the food in coolers and insulated bags, but that wasn’t going to make it through the night), finding somewhere to stay was NOT going to be easy.

We tried a few different places, but everything was closed or booked. Eventually (3 hours later!) we did find two little cottages next to a dock that were available. I think at that point we would have slept anywhere. We’d been in our cars since 6:00am, had just been told our vacation was being postponed, and there was a tropical storm happening outside – we were done.


(I’m sure the dock has seen better days)


We moved all the food to the two fridges and decided we had most definitely earned wine time.


Or – in my case – beer time.


And pizza time. We’d earned that too.


Fresh from the oven.


My slice had summer squash, peppers, mushrooms, and fresh mango.


We also broke into the left over wedding cake for dessert.


It wasn’t all bad. The important thing was we were together. We had food, games, and each other. Poo poo on you, Debby downer.


P.S. Apples to Apple ROCKS. A new family favorite. 😉


We had our alarms set once again for 6:00am for Tuesday morning in hopes of making it on the first boat off of the dock. Wrong, again.

But I’ll wait on that story. I need to sleep!

Good night!

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