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K + A: The Ceremony

by Meghann on June 25, 2012

When I asked Kelly the day after her wedding what her favorite part of the day was, she said without a doubt it was the first look she and Anthony shared before the ceremony. It was a private moment shared between the two of them and their two photographers who captured the moment beautifully.


I’ll admit a few of the bridesmaids and I did look on from afar at their big moment, and there wasn’t a dry eye among the group of us. We watched Anthony wait with his back turned as Kelly snuck up behind him. The two of them then stood back-to-back and held hands until (I’m assuming) the photographer counted to three and they turned around to face each other. Even from a distance, it was hard to miss the tears and emotions of love and happiness that erupted between the two of them.


For more first look photos check out Andrea Hubbell Photography (and try not to tear up).

The first look was exactly what Kelly and Anthony had planned and more. Moments before both of them were huge balls of nerves, but when Kelly and Anthony returned to the group a little while later, they were both visibly calmer and at peace with the moment. They were now ready to be married. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Once Kelly and Anthony returned to the group – and hugs were shared all around – we all headed to the golf course for the group shots (Kelly wanted to do all the group shots before the ceremony and saved the shots of just her and Anthony for right after).


Then it was time to lock our bride back up as guests started to arrive.


The country club had a private bridal suite for us to wait in. They provided pretzels and chips for us to munch on, which was great since we were all pretty hungry at this point. We did all wish we had some sort of shot to take too, but water worked just as well.


There was a minor blip when the button for Kelly’s bustle on her dress snapped off, but luckily we had the seamstress on premise to help her out.

IMG_6025.JPG IMG_6026.jpg

Good as new! ๐Ÿ™‚


We really lucked out with weather. The forecast called for nothing but rain all day and clouds threatened all day to burst at any moment. The plan was to call whether the ceremony would take place outside or inside at 4:30. When we arrived at 4:30 and it still wasn’t raining, our uncles started moving the arch and lanterns outside with their fingers crossed they wouldn’t have to move them back in.


At 5 minutes til 6:00, Sammie (the onsite wedding coordinator) told us there was a light drizzle, and if we wanted this ceremony outside we better start now. I’d never seen a bride move so fast – probably the only wedding in history to start 5 minutes EARLY. ๐Ÿ˜‰

IMG_6046.JPG IMG_6047.JPG

Luckily, just as the groomsmen started to file in, the drizzle stopped and it didn’t rain again until after midnight. Kelly’s wish for an outside ceremony was granted. ๐Ÿ™‚


The bridesmaids began their walk with “Better Together” by Jack Johnson

IMG_6053.JPG IMG_6054.JPG IMG_6055.JPG IMG_6056.JPG



Then everyone rose from their seats and Kelly and my Dad began their journey down the aisle to “Angel” by Jack Johnson.



This is when the tears really began to flow for me. My sister looked so gorgeous and my dad looked so proud of his daughter, all these childhood memories of playing “bride” dress-up just snuck up on me and I kept thinking “This is it. There’s no playing dress-up now.” and it just hit me that my sister was about to be a wife. My little sister was really getting married!


It didn’t help when I looked over and saw Anthony’s eyes fill with tears, as well. The love the two of them share between each other is unmistakeable. My sister has found her other half, and Anthony found his – they really do complete each other.



Kelly and Anthony’s ceremony wasn’t “perfect” in the everything-went-exactly-as-planned sense – the officiant (Anthony’s cousin Tim) forgot to tell everyone to be seated, the microphone fell off its stand more than once, they did the wine box ceremony too quickly, and I kept forgetting to fluff the dress when she turned (okay, I’ll admit that one was all on me) – but the two of them didn’t care. They laughed through each of the blips and never took their eyes off of each other.


In fact, I never heard either of them mention one thing that went wrong. Instead I’ve heard them say how funny their officiant was, how I was a sobbing mess (I had some serious ugly cry going on), how beautiful everything looked, and how they couldn’t take their eyes off of each other. It was THEIR ceremony and they wouldn’t change a thing about it.


Kelly and Anthony wanted to do something symbolic during their ceremony. I know Kelly researched for months trying to find something that represented them as a couple. She eventually discovered some information on a unity wine box dedication and was sold.

During the ceremony the two of them sealed a bottle of wine and two love letters to each other in a wine box. On their first anniversary they’ll open the box, drink the wine, and read the letters to each other to remember how much they loved each other on their wedding day.

IMG_6079.JPG IMG_6080.JPG

After the wine box dedication, they exchanged vows they had written for each other, and then placed the rings on each other’s fingers.


Then, with the seal of a kiss, they were pronounced husband and wife!


And the crowd erupted.

IMG_6090.JPG IMG_6091.JPG

The new Mr. and Mrs.!!!



I’ll be back with the reception. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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