Wednesday, June 13, 2012


by Meghann on June 13, 2012

Hellloooooo New York City!!!


Did you miss me? I missed you!

My flight this morning was quick and painless. No delays, no turbulance, and no snoring neighbors – victory!

I landed just around lunch time and was whisked away to the city by a driver named Ted (Hi Ted!). Unfortunately my mid-day arrival was a tad early for check-in at my hotel and my room wasn’t ready yet. The girl at the front was super sweet and helpful with the dilemma, she took my bag for safe keeping and highly recommended I check out No. 7 Sub around the corner for lunch. She mentioned something about “creative subs with a twist” and “zucchini parm topped with bbq potato chips,” I was sold.


No. 7 Sub was a tiny place with just enough room for a walk-up service counter and a menu. As soon as I saw the varied, creative sub options I knew I had found a winner. On top of the “Zucchini Parm” (which did in fact include bbq chips in the sub), there was the “Tilapia Melt” with havarti cheese, shredded cabbage, and fried garlic, the “CHEESE” with broccoli sauce, fried chickpeas, and pickled red onions, and “LIVERWURST [Schaller & Weber]” with braised red cabbage & beets, red onions, and red curry mayo, just to name a few.


They all sounded amazing, but I ended up ordering “BROCCOLI” with lychee muchim, ricotta salata, and pine nuts. Since the place was small, I grabbed it to-go and brought it back to the hotel’s lobby to eat.


Unfortunately it was really dark inside, so I don’t have the best photo of just how awesome this sandwich was but, trust me, it was pretty dang awesome.


The broccoli gave the sandwich some bulk and a nice crunch, while the ricotta and lychee gave it a touch of sweetness. The whole thing was delicious. I would order it again in a heartbeat! ๐Ÿ™‚

Luckily, after I finished up my lunch (and spent some time catching up on emails and other to-dos) my room was ready.

I’m staying at The Ace Hotel, which is a fun boutique hotel off of Broadway. It has that refurbished hipster vibe and sorta reminds me of what a hostel would look like or how I envisioned dorm rooms should have been like (you know, if dorms had carpet, real walls, or were larger than a 6×6 square <- speaking from personal experience here).


IMG_5087.JPG IMG_5089.JPG

IMG_5097.jpg IMG_5099.JPG


IMG_5105.jpg IMG_5107.JPG

IMG_5113.jpg IMG_5115.jpg


IMG_5120.jpg IMG_5121.JPG

Basically, they took a theme and ran with it. Me like.

What’s the coolest/ most unique hotel you’ve ever stayed at?

I think this one definitely wins for most unique on my list!

Mallow Crunchies Winner!

Congrats to Elizabeth for winning the Mallow Crunchies variety pack from The Mallow Bar!!

Elizabeth has already been contacted and her prize pack should be on its way soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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