Sunday, June 10, 2012

Slow Moving Sunday

by Meghann on June 10, 2012

Look! Clear skies!


What a wonderful treat to the awful torrential downpour and ugly grey skies we’ve been experiencing the last week or so. Even if this was just a fluke in the forecast (which originally called for more rain today), I’ll take it!

The bachelorette party girls were all moving a little slower than usual this morning. It was night to take our time and just soak up the precious hours we had left together before the next two weeks of wedding craziness begins to sink in (especially for the lovely bride!). We eventually made it out of the room by 10 and headed to nearby KeKe’s for breakfast.

I wanted eggs and ordered the greek omelet with wheat toast and a side of fruit.


Loved their fruit cup! Check out all those fresh berries! Yum.


My drive home was uneventful. I ended up stopping at a Starbucks in Lakeland to put up my blog post and break the trip up a bit. The hour break was actually pretty nice and it felt good to have a minute to play mini catch-up on emails before arriving at home.

My lunch was fairly basic since it was really all we had left in the fridge. A whole wheat pita with lemon hummus, carrot sticks, and some olives and walnuts. Basic, but tasty.


Dinner was inspired by these guys.


I had sampled the Rye with Caraway Seed Triscuits at my sister’s place on Friday night and found them to be really flavorful (and the ingredient list wasn’t bad either). They almost reminded me of the salt sticks we used to get at this famous jewish deli in Miami, I think my Dad would love ’em.

I wanted to incorporate some of that awesome salty flavor in tonight’s meal, so I put a few in a baggie and brought out the mallet.


I pounded the Trisciuts to crumbs and mixed them with some whole wheat flour. The mix became a breading for baked chicken tenders. The tenders had a dunk in an egg wash, a drunk in the Triscuit crumbs/ whole wheat flour mix, then baked at 415 for 10 minutes per side.


The results were crispy and delicious. I would definitely make this again!

With the chicken tenders, we had steamed cauliflower


and roasted okra.


A complete and satisfying meal. ๐Ÿ™‚


I made a bowl of fresh strawberries, raspberries, and a couple of pieces of chocolate for dessert. The perfect way to end the weekend.


Now it’s movie and snuggle time.


Good Night!

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