Monday, June 4, 2012

Oatmeal and Friends

by Meghann on June 4, 2012

Good Morning!

Man, mornings in Maryland are NICE. Low humidity, a nice cool breeze, and beautiful sunshine. Right now in Florida if you don’t squeeze your run in before 7:00am, you’ll be faced with horrible heat and awful humidity. I waited until close to 8:00 this morning to get my run in up here and had none of that. In fact, it was really, really nice.

Another thing I’m digging up here are the hills. Who knew I would grow to love hills so much? It’s not so much the uphill portion that I’m a fan of, but the downhills rock. This was my second day in a row running 4 miles of rolling hills and my second day in a row averaging 8:40ish min/mi (my fastest runs since my marathon last month!). Whoop. Whoop.

As I mentioned yesterday, this was a quick trip so I really didn’t have time to explore or see many friends in the area, but I was able to squeeze in one visit before we headed to the airport this morning.

Hi Megan!


(For anyone who used to read Megan’s blog and is wondering what she’s up to – she’s doing great! She’s living in the DC area still and just enjoying life as a single 20-somethin’ in the city. )

I miss Megan. She was my Orlando buddy – and then my Tampa buddy! – before she moved to Maryland some time last year. Actually this week marks our 3 year friendship anniversary! It was this week in 2009 that we first met at a bowling ally in Orlando.


Awww….. memories. 🙂

I miss Caitlin too. Strange to think that none of us live in Orlando now. Megan’s up here, Caitlin’s in North Carolina, and I’m in Tampa. Sniff. Sniff.

Megan and I met at Panera for breakfast and played a little catch up over oatmeal and coffee.


Panera goes a little a little heavy on their brown sugar (next time I would ask for it on the side), but I was a fan of the fresh strawberries and pecans. The portion was also a little bigger than I was expecting (in a good way!). This bowl really hit the spot. 🙂


Now Derek and I are at BWI waiting for our flight back to Tampa. The skies are pretty clear, so fingers crossed that our flight getting home won’t be quite as adventurous as our flight here. 😉

Good-bye Maryland…. Hello Florida!

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