Sunday, June 3, 2012

We Got Crabs

by Meghann on June 3, 2012

I can haz pancakes?


Marley’s new favorite food? Pancakes. She loves them.

And as a special treat on her birthday (today was Marley’s official birthday!) her mama made some killer pancakes for breakfast. We also had eggs, bacon, and fresh fruit.


They know how to treat us right here. 😉

I had more than one person tell me today that it was a shame we didn’t get to explore the area a bit more while we were up here, but the truth is we didn’t come here to explore – we came to watch our niece blow out her first birthday candles, stumble through some of her first steps, and spend some time with Derek’s brother and his wonderful family.

IMG_4487.JPG IMG_4488.JPG


And that’s what we did. Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for a better trip. 🙂

Rachel’s mom and friends prepared a fabulous lunch for us today.


Homemade chicken salad sandwich, deviled eggs with crabmeat (yum!), macaroni salad, pickles, tomato salad, and fresh strawberries.


Homemade german chocolate cake for dessert.


I went back for a few bites more. 😉


Present time.



I did have one teeny, tiny request while we were up here…. I wanted some Maryland crabs. Derek’s brother happily delivered.


We picked the steamed craps up from a local seafood place on the way home and prepped a table with all the fixins’: knives, butter, vinegar, Old Bay, and beer.


A local brew.


To pair with our local crabs and corn.





I was given a quick lesson on the crabs and told to dig in. It was definitely a bit of a learning process, but I pretty much nailed it by the 3rd or 4th crab (I think I had 5? 4? in total). I also found that I really enjoyed dipping the crab in apple cider vinegar (something I had never heard of before). It gave the crab some nice flavoring, but wasn’t as heavy or greasy as the butter. Actually, it was very refreshing. 🙂

IMG_4625.JPG IMG_4626.JPG

I thought the crabs were a perfect way to end the weekend. They’re a social food that encouraged fun stories and great conversation. A bonding food, really. I’m not sure I’d have the patience for it every day or every weekend, but for the right occasion, they definitely hit the spot.


See? Destroyed.


I picked those babies good. 😉

Derek’s brother, Derek, and I ended up going to a restaurant by the water after dinner for some drinks, but I just stuck to some ice cream (ice cream > alcohol) and played DD. We miss having Tyler in Florida, but we’re both happy that he’s doing so well here. It was fun playing catch up.

Alright, time for bed. We have a flight to catch in the morning.

Good NIght!

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