Thursday, May 24, 2012

Girls’ Night

by Meghann on May 24, 2012

We had a girl’s night tonight in honor of Jess and Courtney’s recent birthdays.

Courtney made the salsa.


Jess made the sangria.


I made the salad.


And Courtney made the ropa vieja, rice, and bean.


Put it all together and you one serious meal.


We all brought the gossip. And the laughs. Facebook and twitter played a part too. 😉

Courtney made the birthday cake. Mary brought the ice cream.


We all sang “Happy Birthday” while Jess and Courtney blew out the candles.


I ate a piece (with ice cream) in their honor.


mmm…. homemade German Chocolate Cake. Courtney did good!

I think we all stayed out too late, but it was worth it.

Girls’ nights rule!

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