Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No sew, No worries (right…)

by Meghann on May 15, 2012

We have new curtains!


Here’s a (dated) look at what we had before.


The dark curtains were great when we wanted to block the sun, but I never really fell in love with them. I’d recently started toying with the idea of buying new curtains when I saw these bad boys at Ikea and had to bring them home.


I think the lighter curtains really brighten the room up. Even Derek was a fan of the new curtains when I surprised him after work today. “Surprise, baby! I bought curtains!” I was afraid he would say they were too girly, but he told me they looked nice and he approved. Woo hoo!

Which is good because I’d just spent an hour cutting and hemming them, and I’m pretty sure Ikea wouldn’t take back semi-hemmed curtains. (would they?) Did you know Ikea curtains come pre-hemmed? A lovely fact I didn’t realize until I got home and saw how super long they were. Oops.

They also came with no-sew iron-on tape for an easy do-it-yourself hem. The tape admittedly intimidated me at first, but the directions made it look so easy, that I decided to give it a try.


I used the old curtain as my measuring guide and folded, ironed, and trimmed accordingly.


Maddie helped.


The no-sew hem was really easy to do, but my ironing skills apparently tanked (or maybe I didn’t cut enough of the excess hem away?). Either way, the hem fell apart about an hour after I hung the curtains up. #Fail I was planning on buying heavy duty doubled-sided tape, when Derek suggested Gorilla Glue to fix the hem problem. I haven’t had the energy to fight with it tonight, but we’ll see if the Gorilla Glue gets the job done tomorrow.


^see the busted hem?^

Either that or we’ll just have really long un-hemmed curtains. Eh. Whatever works.

Have you had any luck with the no-sew hem? What is the secret?

My curtain hemming/hanging fuel.


My dinner.


Derek came home from work as I was chopping up two chicken breast. He asked me what I was making and I told him I had no idea. “But you just cut up two chicken breast, how do you not know?” This happens to me a lot – I just start chopping and see what comes of it.

I checked the fridge for inspiration and found a bottle of Greek dressing to marinate the chicken in. The Greek dressing inspired a greek chicken theme which led to the other half of a sweet onion in the fridge, the olives in the pantry, the last tomato from the batch I bought last week, and the mushrooms I had almost forgot about in the drawer.


I chopped everything up, placed it in a frying pan, and let it cook down with a little oregano and thyme. The chicken could have used some feta, but besides that it was delicious.


I also had roasted cauliflower


and 1/2 of a sweet potato that I covered in leftover drippins’ from the chicken pan.



We ran a few errands after dinner (Derek is the proud new owner of a PS3 … I may never see my loving fiance again) and I had the last of my sister’s cookie cake with a scoop of ice cream afterwards.


We’d just spent over an hour at Best Buy and Wal-Mart, the ice cream was well deserved.

I’m planning on zoning out “Call of Duty” with a little light reading in bed.

Good Night!

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