Friday, May 4, 2012

Pig Party

by Meghann on May 4, 2012

We made it! We’re here!

And – good news! – it wasn’t all just a dream, we’re actually registered to run this race. Eeek!!!


I know what you’re thinking. Those girls must be some bad ass super fast runners to have such low bib numbers. Right? You know it! Orrr….we just share a last name that happens to fall at the beginning of the alphabet and the numbers were given in alphabetical order. eh. What-ever works. We’ll just pretend we’re bad ass super fast runners come Sunday. It’s all in what you believe, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I was pretty impressed with the Flying Pig Marathon Health and Fitness Expo today. For a local marathon, the expo was hoppin’ and full of great booths. Well done, Flying Pig. Well done.


I’m also a tiny obsessed with the “Flying Pig” theme. This isn’t the “Cincinnati Marathon,” this is the freakin’ Flying Pig Marathon and they let you know it. Flying pigs. Everywhere.


Obsessed. Adorbs.

IMG_3186.jpg IMG_3188.JPG

This year’s race has a “Pig Party” theme that ties in with the upcoming political season. The theme carried through with the signage, shirts, and bags with cute campaign slogans encouraging runners to vote “piglitically correct,” but my favorite part was the volunteer shirts that said “Secret Service Grunt.” How cute were they?!


I want one of those shirts! Makes me wish I would have signed up for a volunteer shift, totally would have been worth it for the shirt. ๐Ÿ˜‰

After Kelly and I picked up our bibs (which was super quick thanks to awesome expo organization), we ran into this line. A random line we all assume was the t-shirt pick-up line. Nope. Any guesses?


It was the P&G free sample line.

IMG_3218.jpg IMG_3209.JPG

Folks were going crazy for the full bottles of shampoo, tooth brushes, and laundry detergent. With good reason, of course. Thank you P&G for being an awesome Flying Pig sponsor. ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_3214.JPG IMG_3216.JPG

We left the free sample line to study the marathon course for a bit. Gulp.


The elevation chart still scares the hell out of me (the doozy between mile 5 and 9 is the real kicker), but I’m just going to have to trust myself to hold back in the first half and let it all out in the end. Double gulp.

We hit the booths. Made some new friends. And I picked up my Social Media Team Media Credential Pass for race day.


I’m told this will give me access to the VIP tent at the finish line. Sweeeeetttt.

After asking a bajillion and one people where t-shirt pick up was (and going through the entire expo and seeing sign after sign) we finally found our shirts at the very end.

IMG_3182.jpg IMG_3180.jpg

If I had one tip to give Flying Pig, it would be to hand the shirts out at the front. I know Kelly and I weren’t the only ones who rushed through the expo trying to figure out where the darn shirts were. I’m sure we would have taken our time (and spent more money!), it we weren’t so concerned with finding our shirts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My final stash.


I’ve got my bag, shirt, P&G Flying Pig duffel bag, samples, bib, Gu Bloks (purchased at the expo), and poster. Not bad. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Before we hit the expo, Kelly and I hit Potbelly’s for lunch.


We tried to explore a bit of downtown, but got terribly lost and ended up eating at the first place we saw that served food fast. There are no Potbelly’s near us, so it really worked out in the end.

I had the chicken and cheddar with everything. The hot peppers gave the sandwich a very spicy kick. Yum.

IMG_2833.JPG IMG_2834.jpg

We split a bag of chips too.


We hit the expo, returned to the hotel to nap for 2 (glorious) hours, and then hit Graeters for some highly recommended ice cream.   


I had the toffee chip and Kelly had the Buckeye Blitz. The ice cream was good, but we both agreed it was crazy how quickly it melted in our cones. I know it sounds like a weird thing to critique when it comes to ice cream, but we were inside in the AC and couldn’t keep up with how fast our cones were melting. It did give us a good laugh. ๐Ÿ™‚


After our ice cream, we chatted over some beers.


Then met our friends for dinner. Check out our view from Bar Louie across the river. Gorgeous!


I had the roasted veggie flatbread. I wouldn’t order it again, but it worked for dinner.


The view of the skyline is gorgeous at night.


(Photo taken approximately 2.5 minutes before it started raining.)

We called it an early night and plan to take it fairly easy tomorrow. We’re not 100% sure what there is to do in Cincinnati, but i’m sure we’ll find something to keep ourselves entertained. Any suggestions?

Good Night!

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