Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Puppy at Heart

by Meghann on April 22, 2012

How could you not love this face?


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this on the blog, but my parents’ dog (Scooby) hasn’t been doing so well the past couple of months. He’s getting older (he’ll be 10 this coming fall) and has been having some issues with his hips. he’s lost a lot of muscle control in his hind legs recently, and gripping booties that prevent his back feet from slipping and sliding on the wood floors, have become his latest fashion statement. Poor guy.

Still, as heartbreaking as it may be to see him struggle to lift those legs, you would never guess he’s in any pain when he has a toy in his mouth. He and Maddie chased each other all over the house all weekend. Both were barking and both grinning from ear to ear. It’s nice to catch a glimpse of puppy Scooby every once in a while, his body might be starting to fail him, but he’s not ready to resign to being an old man just yet.

IMG_2505.JPG IMG_2506.JPG

More power to ya, Scooby. 🙂

Also, more power to Maddie. She’s currently curled up at my feet, barely able to keep her eyes open. After a weekend with Uncle Scooby, she is OUT. 🙂

While the dogs played this morning, I slept in. Dad was kind enough to make a lovely Sunday breakfast featuring scrambled eggs, potatoes, sausage, and leftover fruit from yesterday’s shower.


My mom is a Nicholas Sparks fanatic. I’m pretty sure she’s read every one of his books and the ones she reads and loves she usually passes on to me. One of those favorites was The Lucky One, which I read back in 2010 and loved. When I heard the movie was coming out this spring, I knew I had to take my mom to see it.

We caught the matinee this afternoon with my Dad and all shared a bucket of popcorn at the theater.

IMG_2487.JPG IMG_2488.jpg

As is true with every book turned into a movie, the book was better. That being said, the movie wasn’t so bad. I just wish they had casted a different Logan. As sexy as Zac Efron is, he still has a baby face (unshaven face or not) and his female counterpart looked about 10 years his senior (in reality she’s only 3 years older). I would suggest skipping the theater with this one and saving it for RedBox or Netflix. It’s definitely a chick flick, but every girl needs a good chick flick every once in a while.

Did you see Lucky One? What did you think?

After the movie we grabbed lunch at Asian Too next to the theater.


My dad and I split the eel roll


and the bourbon chicken wraps (loved the pickled daikon in these 🙂 )


I guess this means I’ll be making a left tomorrow?


Before I hit the road back to Tampa I warmed up a leftover mini apple pie and mini cupcake and served it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Holy yum!


I made a bowl of leftovers for dinner when I made it back to Tampa. There’s leftover spinach, vegetables, falafels, mac and cheese, pesto, hummus, and pita wedges. 🙂


My mom sent me home with a few of her wedding albums – I can’t wait to share what’s inside.


I actually have a handful of wedding posts up my sleeves for this week. Nothing like a trip home to get a few wedding related tasks out of the way. 🙂

It’s been a fun weekend away, but it also feels good to be home. Time to catch up on some Mad Men episodes (I may or may not already be on season 4!) and head to bed early.

Good night!

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