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Kelly’s Bridal Shower

by Meghann on April 21, 2012

Three cheers to the bride-to-be!


After weeks of planning, hours of DIY-ing and a handful of helpers I owe more than a dinner to; we did it! Kelly’s bridal shower was a huge success! There was good food, amazing friends and family, and a glowing bride-to-be who lit up the room. Hip-hip hooray! Hip-hip hooray! Hip-hip hooray!

First, a quick look at the room before:


And now the after:


The twinkle lights were my dad’s idea. They’re hard to see in the photos, but they really popped when you walked in the room. I thought they were a nice touch -Way to go, Dad. 🙂

Here’s the run down:

We covered the tables with basic white paper table cloths then dressed them up with rectangles of purple fabric (in various patterns) that I had purchased at JoAnn fabrics and burlap runners.


We purchased the candle holders at a place in Tampa called Val’s Basket Warehouse. My mom and cousins were in charge of dressing up the mason jars – major props to their creativity with all of them.


The present table (which was OVERFLOWING once everyone started arriving) had another yard of the purple fabric I found at Joann’s and one of Kelly and Anthony’s engagement photos I had printed and framed.


A quick nod to our pinwheel success. (Tutorial here) Once my mom and I got our rhythm down, we had no problem spitting out a dozen of these in an hour. It was a fun DIY project that added fun pops of color around the room. Another bridesmaid, Amber, made all the chalkboards. She purchased different shapes of boards and spray painted them with chalkboard spray paint. Easy.



The food table was the focal point of the room.


Kelly’s only request for her shower was a 100% vegetarian menu. We didn’t warn anyone ahead of time that there wouldn’t be meat and no one ever said anything that meat was missing from the table. It was just food, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. We did get a lot of compliments regarding all the good eats. 😉

IMG_2292.JPG IMG_2296.JPG IMG_2303.JPG IMG_2308.JPG

Mac and Cheese Cups recipe HERE and Baked Falafel Ball recipe HERE. <- Try BOTH of these. trust me.


Utensil table


My favorite table (the dessert table!)


The strawberry crumbcake came from a local donut shop (and tasted just like a strawberry donut <- yum!) and bridesmaid Amber made the vanilla and chocolate mini cupcake.

IMG_2321.JPG IMG_2325.jpg

I stocked up on Easter candy the day after Easter. I figured the spring colors would work for the shower.


And, of course, the mini pies. I liked how the Ks came out on top. 🙂




We borrowed the tea and lemonade jugs from my aunt and I found the purple paper straws online. My mom had the buckets in the garage – we lined them with plastic bags and used them as ice buckets.

IMG_2350.JPG IMG_2351.JPG

The favors.


My Aunt Carol was kind enough to do the favors. In the pots are little tins of flower seeds with attached instructions on how to plant them, plus a reminder of Kelly and Anthony’s wedding date.


We had jars of cookie mix (a la Ashley) for the winners of the bridal shower games.


I was a ball of nerve all morning prepping for the party, but once everything was in place, I couldn’t wait for everyone to start arriving!

Kelly and I went for a 14 mile run this morning (we ran up and down the main bridge in town to get our hill work in), but once she was showered and ready for the day, I kicked her out of the house. I had recruited my cousin earlier in the week to whisk her away to have her toes done while we prepped for the shower, that way she wouldn’t feel the need to help and it would be one big surprise when she walked in the door.

When she made it back a couple of hours later, the guests were just starting to arrive and the room was complete. I wish I had my camera to see her face, but it all happened too fast! Kelly was swallowed up by friends and family and simply glowed as any women who is about to marry the love of her life should.


We didn’t wait long to eat. The bride was hungry and we didn’t want to keep her waiting (we were hungry too). I made a plate with a little bit of everything and couldn’t believe how great it all came out. The mac and cheese cups were a HUGE hit.


We didn’t wait long for dessert either. 😉


Our first game was the How Well Do You Know The Bride quiz.


Each guest was given a pen and the list of questions, then – once everyone was done – I read the questions aloud and Kelly gave the correct answer. Our questions ranged from “What cartoon character covered Kelly’s childhood bedroom?” (Tweety bird) to “Where did Kelly and Anthony share their first kiss?” (America’s Backyard Bar in Ft. Lauderdale <- we also accepted outside a bar). I actually gave Anthony the quiz this morning and he got 13 out of 14 right (he didn’t guess correctly that time travel was the superpower Kelly would choose if she could choose a superpower <- I got that one wrong too!). His best answer was for “Where is Kelly going on her honeymoon?” Anthony said,”with me.” True enough, Anthony. 😉

After the game the bridesmaids gave Kelly a toast.



IMG_2403.JPG IMG_2404.JPG

And we handed out blank Bingo cards for our next game.


All the guests had to fill in the blanks with what they thought Kelly would open from her present pile (i.e. wooden spoons, towels, cash, etc.) . As she opened the gifts, they would cross off the gift if it was on their card. The first one to get 5 in a row – won.



The game was a hit. Kelly would open a present, she would say what it was, and everyone immediately would check their sheet and start crossing items off. It made opening presents just a little more fun. 🙂


IMG_2433.jpg IMG_2434.JPG

Kelly broke 4 ribbons while opening gifts. Does that mean I should expect 4 nieces and nephews in my future?! 😉



Kelly and Anthony registered with (a site where guests can purchase excursions for their honeymoon or simply pay for certain parts of the trip). Instead of just giving Kelly a piece of paper, a family friend dressed it up a bit by gifting the certificate in a beautiful frame. I thought it was a cute idea. 🙂


I also thought Ashley’s gift was a great idea. She had framed photos of Kelly’s wedding date and added ‘The Moores’ and ‘EST’ to matte.


Adorbs, right?


Can I say how much of an honor it is to be my sister’s maid of honor and have the opportunity to throw her a shower? I love my sister more than anything and would throw her a party every week if I could!

IMG_2451.JPG IMG_2461.JPG

Ok, maybe not every week, but how about every month? Let’s say next month, shall we.

Next up? The bachelorette party! Oh…. it is sooooo on for that one. 😉

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