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  1. Lena @Fit on the Rocks
    March 14, 2012

    Your hair looks gorg! I hate how I can never get my hair to blow out all fabulous when I try to do it on my own. No hair talent over here.
    Lena @Fit on the Rocks recently posted..My First WIAW

  2. maria @ so she ran
    March 15, 2012

    The wedding photos look great.

    I really love your hair long. I think it suits your face so well. But I understand the appeal of longer hair–it’s a constant battle in my mind. I like the way my hair looks long, but hate taking care of it.
    maria @ so she ran recently posted..Trial and error speed training

  3. MrsSwan
    March 15, 2012

    BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!!! Your right she is beautiful in that picture!
    MrsSwan recently posted..C25K day 1 – Completed

  4. Sara@RunningInPinkProject
    March 15, 2012

    Im so stressed out about finding a hair stylist in Tampa. Ive been going to Caleb here in VA for 5 years and I told him Tuesday I might just have to fly home to get my hair done every 2 months. 😀 Also, random thing about me-when I was in TN I had a guy doing my hair and then when I was growing up in high school and all of the way through college a guy named Marc in a salon back home did my hair. Ive never had a female stylist and its just a random coincidence. But, now I feel like I only want to go to a male!
    Sara@RunningInPinkProject recently posted..The Tale of an Epic Salad and a Failed Run

  5. Cindy @ Once Upon a Loaf
    March 15, 2012

    Love this post for so many reasons! Your pizza, dinner and HAIR look amazing. So do the wedding photos and you in them. Will your wedding party do a few running shots during your pics? My bff got (re) married last summer and we all had to sprint over grass in 85-degree heat for several shots which about killed me!
    Cindy @ Once Upon a Loaf recently posted..A tradition-starter: Sweet Potato Fridge Rolls

  6. Katie
    March 15, 2012

    Way to go on donating your hair! I’ve donated to Beautiful Lengths once before and am in the process of donating again (grow faster please hair!)
    Katie recently posted..Daylight, Save me!

  7. Hillary
    March 15, 2012

    I LOVE the color of those bridesmaid’s dresses. Good call, Ashley!
    Hillary recently posted..Recovery

  8. Sara @my less serious life
    March 15, 2012

    my boyfriend always tells me i am eating kid food when i eat a quaker chewy granola bar. but i love them!

  9. Hope @ With A Side Of Hope
    March 15, 2012

    Your hair looks beautiful!! I wish my hair looked like that! 🙂 The wedding pictures are stunning!
    Hope @ With A Side Of Hope recently posted..My A to Z Survey…

  10. Kristen @ notsodomesticated
    March 15, 2012

    Love all of the wedding pictures!! Pretty soon those are going to be YOUR pictures! 😉
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..WIAW: The night dinner was thrown out.

  11. Emily
    March 15, 2012

    now that you have a great blowout, do you wait a day or two before washing? that is what i do! 🙂
    Emily recently posted..A few homemade meals – YES!!!

    • Meghann
      March 15, 2012

      Yes! Gotta make this sucker last.

  12. Lindsay @ Running the Windy City
    March 15, 2012

    I’m jealous of your long hair! I chopped mine off (bob length) about a year and a half ago, it’s taken so long to grow back!
    Lindsay @ Running the Windy City recently posted..Wordless Wednesday- Almost Thursday

  13. Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run
    March 15, 2012

    I love when people donate their hair. It takes some commitment to grow that out that I don’t have. Do you have enough hair to donate now? Or does it still need to be longer?
    I agree though, I’d keep it long for the wedding too. Then, new husband, new haircut! 🙂

    • Meghann
      March 15, 2012

      Technically I have enough hair to donate now. At least I did before I had it trimmed yesterday. But yes! – new husband, new haircut. 🙂

  14. Sarah @BlondeBostonian
    March 15, 2012

    So beautiful!!
    Sarah @BlondeBostonian recently posted..Cutting Myself Some Slack

  15. Cait’s Plate
    March 15, 2012

    That pizza looks awesome! I’m seeing evol a lot more now and I’m really curious to pick up some of their products to try!
    Cait’s Plate recently posted..Childhood Classic

  16. Beka
    March 15, 2012

    I LOVE frozen tagalongs! That is the only way I have liked to eat them since I was a kid.
    Totally understand the hair thing. I am ‘working’ on growing mine out too, but I keep chopping it off right as it gets past my shoulders. I had a great hair stylist in Riverview, but then she quit and went back to school! Care to share who your new hairstylist love is in Tampa?

    • Meghann
      March 15, 2012

      Stephanie at the Aveda Level Salon in Hyde Park – she was recommended by a friend and is amazing. If you go, tell them I sent you 🙂

  17. Kelley
    March 15, 2012

    Your hair looks awesome- definitely keep your stylist!

  18. Samantha
    March 15, 2012

    Your hair looks amazing! And the pictures from Ashley and Ben’s wedding are beautiful…do you know what song is playing in the slideshow?
    Samantha recently posted..Confession Time, Part II

    • Meghann
      March 15, 2012

      It’s “Happy” Secrets in Stereo 🙂

  19. Elissa
    March 15, 2012

    Your hair looks beautiful! I’m doing the exact same thing with my hair, growing it out to donate it. The last couple of inches always seem to take forever to grow. Did you know that it takes 6 – 8 ponytails to make one wig?? So crazy. They will appreciate your donation very much.

    Oh and Thin Mints are definitely better frozen. Crushed on top of vanilla ice cream 🙂

  20. Laura
    March 15, 2012

    wow that picture of ashley is absolutely stunning! she is truly a beautiful, glowing bride!

  21. mindy @ just a one girl revolution.
    March 15, 2012

    Frozen GS cookies are the BEST! I’m finishing up the last of my 2011 stash before this year’s get delivered in a couple weeks.
    mindy @ just a one girl revolution. recently posted..the power of water.

  22. Sierra @ Posh Meets Pavement
    March 15, 2012

    I’ve seen that pizza (and flatbreads) at WF and have been wondering about them. Good to know they taste as good as the packaging looks. I love the design of the box and I’m a sucker for a ricotta/spinach combo.
    Sierra @ Posh Meets Pavement recently posted..Southern Barbecue for Non-Southerns

  23. Michelle
    March 15, 2012

    Pantene Pro-V’s Beautiful Lengths only require 8 inches, so you may of been in the clear.

  24. Joss
    March 16, 2012

    Love your new hair cut 🙂
    Joss recently posted..Blur of a Week

  25. Ali @SeeAliEatSeeAliRun
    March 16, 2012

    You need to try the Evol burritos!
    Ali @SeeAliEatSeeAliRun recently posted..Voodoo Magic

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