Saturday, February 25, 2012

RunDisney’s Tangled Royal Family 5k

by Meghann on February 25, 2012

I’m going to say this once – and I’m going to say it loud – DISNEY RACES ARE FOR FUN! 🙂

So much fun, actually. 🙂

Yes, they’re crowded. Yes, there are a lot of walkers. And, Yes, they can be hard to weave through. BUT as long as you expect that and just have FUN with it – the races are a blast.

For instance, I could not have had more fun this morning with fellow FitFluential Ambassadors Heather, Callie, and Theodora at the Tangled Royal Family 5k this morning. We made a pact at the beginning to just take our time, take lots of photos, and have a blast. And you know what? That’s exactly what we did – WE HAD A BLAST! 🙂


The RunDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend is made up of three running themed events. There is the Princess Half Marathon on Sunday, the kids races on Saturday, and the family friendly Royal 5k on Saturday morning. RunDisney wanted to create events that the whole family could participate in through the weekend, which is why the 5k and kid races came about. There are no age requirements for the 5k (you have to be at least 14 to run the half marathon), strollers are welcomed, and it’s not timed – it’s just a fun race the whole family can enjoy.


We were at the Tangled themed start line this morning about an hour before the official start. RunDisney encourages runners to get there EARLY since they have to close a portion of the parking lot off for the race and cars will not be allowed in past a certain time.

The good news is – Disney knows how to entertain a crowd. Our group stayed by the DJ booth the whole time and enjoyed a little pre-run dance party.

IMG_9502.JPG IMG_9504.JPG

IMG_9505.JPG IMG_9509.JPG

How cute is Callie’s tutu?!? Her sister made it for her and I think she won for largest tutu on the course! <3!


It was fun to see a familiar face on stage! My twitter friend (and fellow FitFluential ambassador), Carissa, hosts a majority of the Disney World and Disneyland races. If you’ve run a Disney race in the last couple of years, chances are you’ve seen her on stage at the start and finish line. The girl is a rockstar with the world’s coolest job. 🙂



At 10 minutes until 7:00, we entered the corral and lined ourselves up somewhere in the middle of the pact.


I was rocking my new princess crown and TeamSparkle skirt for the race.


I met one the founders of Team Sparkle, Kelly, this weekend and she was so cute that I instantly handed my credit card over for a pink and blue skirt. I LOVED wearing it at the race – it was so light that I forgot I had it on!


With a wave of a wand (and some fireworks), we were off!



We knew we all wanted to stay together, so we kept it light and just went with the flow of the crowd. The race course takes you for a small loop around the Epcot parking lot, before taking you backstage and into the World Showcase.




We entered the showcase around Mexico and made our way around the 11 countries.


We found Mulan in China.


Pocahontas in the USA.




Jasmine and Aladdin in Morocco.


And Belle and the Beast in France



In our last mile, we found our way out of the showcase and on our way to the finish line near the Epcot ball.


Not without seeing a few friends along the way. I’m telling you – the world is small. The blogging and race world? Even smaller. Along the course I found my friend Cara who was randomly in town for business and running the race for fun. She was even wearing a shirt from a relay race we did together two summers ago!

IMG_7470.jpg IMG_7471.jpg

Our final character shot!




The 3.1 miles really flew by. Even though we didn’t start approaching the finish line until 45 minutes into the race, it felt like no time at all. We were having too much!





Since it was untimed (and I never started my garmin) I have no idea where we finished at. Maybe 48 minutes?


After crossing, we were handed Tangled themed rubber metals.


And Theodora and I found a frog to kiss. I was hoping he would turn into a prince for Theodora, but no such luck. Sorry Theodora!


Instead of the usual bagels and stuff, Disney handed out snack boxes to all finishers.



The contents were kind of odd for post-race food, but I know these snack will come in handy for when we explore the parks later.


The finishers!


We grabbed our snacks, hopped in the vans, and headed back to the hotel for a quick breakfast.


I wanted to be adventurous and order the ‘Bobotie Platter’ of traditional African breakfast fixins’ but I almost immediately regretted it.


It was ok, but not what I was craving. Oh, well.

Off to explore Magic Kingdom!

Have a great Saturday!

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