Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Number Crunch

by Meghann on January 31, 2012

My head hurts.

Derek and I just came from a meeting with the folks at Cross Creek and the numbers weren’t pretty. Not pretty at all.

The numbers we saw today included everything from the DJ to flowers to cake to decorations to food. Which is great that they were all included, but the total was more than my planned budget and still didn’t cover dress, rings, photographer, or invitations, which could all easily run a couple thousand more. We reviewed a couple of different scenarios and what it really comes down to is cutting our guest lists (our Moms are going to love us), serving really, really cheap food (Cuban rice and beans for everyone!), and just plain sucking it up and adding more money to the budget.

We had a long talk on the way home about how much we realistically want to spend on this wedding. Both of us want to relax on our wedding day and have everything taken care of, but we’re not sure how far in debt we want to go over it, so I’m not sure how much that budget is going to move.

There’s still the option of Birdsong Barn in Titusville, which would be considerably cheaper, but a lot more work and there’s still the constant worry of weather. I keep referring to the possibility of ‘Disney marathon weather’ and what our plan would be for that. So far I’ve just been promised lots of heaters and blankets. Of course we could luck out with weather like tonight (clear skies and a current temp of 72) and be fine. Ahhhhh…. I hate the unknowns!

We’re going to continue talking it over through the weekend and I’m going to continue crunching the numbers. I’m also going to price out a couple of more venues in the area. A couple that I have priced out were a little high for my budget, but another one has some possibility, but would again be completely from scratch. We’ll see.

This afternoon I had a mini bowl of yogurt with muesli, peanut butter, and strawberries as an afternoon snack.


Our meeting with Cross Creek was at 7:30 and I didn’t give myself time to eat before hand. Big mistake. My stomach was loudly growling through the appointment and I just about ate the entire fridge when we finally made it back home at 9:00.

I began eating mushrooms, broccoli, and pieces of pasta as I threw together a dinner of leftover pasta with a scrambled egg, broccoli, and mushrooms mixed in.


A much needed chocolate chip cookie for dessert.


And now I need to pack.

Good Night.

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