Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We Bought a Zoo

by Meghann on December 28, 2011

Well we didn’t, but the family in the movie we saw tonight did.

We Bought A Zoo Poster.jpg

Such a great film!

I have a soft spot for movies or books based on true stories, especially inspirational ones. We Bought a Zoo is a film based on the memoir by Benjamin Mee that documents his family’s adventures in purchasing a run down zoo in England and bringing it back to life.

The movie’s take on the book was a sappy family-friendly film that had me both crying and laughing. Matt Damon did a great job as the widowed father who tries to bring happy adventures back into his children’s lives and the little girl who plays his daughter melts your heart in every scene.

If you need a good inspirational film that you can bring the whole family to, then go see We Bought a Zoo, it was worth the Christmas gift card we used to see it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Seen a good movie in the theater lately?

Having Derek home this week has been an adventure in itself. I’m trying to get as much work done in the morning as I can, so I can spend the afternoon exploring with him. Today was too pretty to stay inside, so we opted to spoil Maddie with a visit to the dog park.


She played fetch, chased other dogs, and peed every time another dog tried to mark their spot. I’d say ‘operation wear Maddie out’ was a success.



I brought a giant golden delicious apple to snack on at the park.


The sun started to set as we completed our mile lap of the park and the temps began to creep down with it. The cooler weather was screaming for a big mug of hot chocolate when we made it home.


I added a packet of instant peppermint hot chocolate to a heated mug of milk.


Hot water would have been a lower calorie option, but nothing beats a mug of hot chocolate made with real milk. It adds a thick creaminess to the hot chocolate that water can’t replicate.


My sister actually inspired tonight’s dinner with the vegetable lasagna bake she made at home last Thursday. I just roasted some butternut and summer squash for about 15 minutes at 415, then layered the roasted veggies with pasta sauce, mushrooms, spinach, and cheese in a casserole dish just like I would lasagna.


It all baked for another 20 minutes and came out tasting amazing.


Thanks for the inspiration Kelly!!

I just downloaded the We Bought a Zoo book and plan to settle into a cup of hot tea and the first chapter. I’ve seen the movie version of the Mee family’s story, but now I want to read about it through his eyes. Can’t wait!

Good Night!

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