Friday, December 16, 2011

Table for One

by Meghann on December 16, 2011


Oh, New Year’s Eve.

I saw it tonight and please let me start by saying that I wanted to like this movie – I really, really wanted to like this movie – but there were a few things the drove me a little crazy.

  1. The movie starts out with shots of time square preparing for ‘2011’ with New Year’s crowds in 2011 hats, 2011 glasses, and 2011 in front of the ball. Then somewhere in the middle, the movie is all about 2012. For some reason, this drove be bonkers.
  2. The instant labor and delivery timeline. Hmmm… pretty sure labor takes a little more than a couple of hours from the start of the first contraction to the popping a screaming baby out.
  3. All of the characters’ storylines were a bit weak. I didn’t feel there was a big enough build up to truly root for all of them.
  4. I’m all fo cheesy romantic comedies, but even this one may have taken the cheesiness a bit too far.

The movie did make me laugh and it was cute for what it was, but I’d say Valentine’s Day and Love Actually were much better. Save your money in the theater and rent it later on. Trust me.

Anyone else see it yet? Thoughts?

I saw New Year’s Eve with a few friends, but I was on my own for dinner tonight. Instead of eating leftover pizza (again), I did what any grown woman would do – I had dinner. On my own. At one of my favorite downtown Titusville eateries.


I’m really stubborn sometimes and if I can’t find someone to join me for dinner, then I have no problem eating there alone. Plus, I’ve realized that since graduating and moving away that I really don’t know as many people as I used to in this small town. I saw the movie tonight with my friend Rachel (who I met a year ago at a 5k), her fiance, and my future sister-in-law – all people I’ve met since graduating and leaving.

Besides, i’d recently downloaded What Alice Forgot? on my ipad and was looking for an excuse to sit back and enjoy it anyways. I was seated at a table for 4, ordered my meal, then sat back with my ipad and began to read.

However, it wasn’t long before the server re-appeared and asked if I wouldn’t mind moving to a smaller table so they could have the bigger one. That may have been a low point from the evening. Nothing like drawing attention to the girl eating alone in the room. :/

At least the food was good. I ordered the soup and salad special with a cup of chili and a tossed salad.

The chili was served hot with fresh onions and cheese.


And the salad was overflowing with toppings.


The server offered free cobbler when I moved tables, but I politely declined and had an apple for dessert when I got home instead.


And that was my exciting Friday night in the thriving town of Titusville. Woo hoo.

Good Night. 🙂

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