Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holy crowded finish line Las Vegas!

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Monica, Anne, and I must have zoned out into our own little world during the race on Sunday night. We were so focused on the bright lights of Las Vegas, that we all had very vague memories of just how crowded the streets actually were.

We all finished with smiles, claimed it was one of our favorite races of all time, and even made it back to our hotel in time to make it to Serendipity for dinner/dessert before the course was even closed. It was a great night. (Exhibit A: My review. B: Monica’s review. C: Anne’s review.)


We got lucky. Very, very lucky!

Unfortunately not everyone on Sunday night had the same great race experience as we did on the strip. Rock ‘n’ Roll had several logistical errors that led to a shortage of water on the course, an absence of medals at the finish line, a dangerous merging of marathoners/half-marathoners near the middle of the race, and issues with overcrowding post-race that left thousands crammed in a small space without any clue how to get out. (word is it got SCARY in the lobby of Mandalay Bay with sick runners everywhere and medics unable to attend to them because no one could move to let them though)

I didn’t realize all of this went down until I went to add my recap to the Facebook page the next day. Logging on and reading all the issues people had was an eye opening experience. Check out the Facebook page to see what I mean, the comments are insane. I can’t believe they’re talking about the same race that I ran and loved! ๐Ÿ™


(Stephanie wrote a great post called ‘The Tale of Two Races’ about the two different experiences runners on Sunday had. It’s a great read.)

Unfortunately, I remember the same surge of negative Facebook comments after I finished the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll last month. That race was not one of my favorites and I agreed with everything they had to say.

That’s when I got curious and began researching a few more Facebook pages from recent Rock ‘n’ Roll races. Of the three I read, all of them had complaints of medal shortages, issues at the expos, and lack of water/cytomax on the course. I guess RnR is notorious for all three. Not cool.

Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of Rock ‘n’ Roll races (there’s a post in my drafts called ‘Why Rock ‘n’ Roll Races are the Starbucks of Races’ i.e. generic, expensive, etc), but this brings them down one more peg in my mind. It just sucks because I loved the Las Vegas Half Marathon so much that, to me, it was a great race that I thought RnR did a good job with, but I was wrong. Terrible, terribly wrong.


My dream would be for everyone to have the same amazing experience my friends and I did in Vegas (which is why I highly recommended the race), but not at the risk of RnR repeating the same mistakes that affected so many runners on Sunday. They need to seriously address the issues at hand, make the changes, and acknowledge they were in the wrong before they even think about opening registration for 2012.

I wouldn’t give up on racing the Strip at Night idea just yet (I still stand by how fun the course was at night), but only if they cap registration lower or a new organization takes over planning and executing.

If anyone does register for next year’s race I would take everyone’s experiences into consideration and suggest:

  • staying at a hotel that’s close to the start/finish line
  • running the half instead of the the full
  • running for FUN and not worry about time
  • avoiding gear check
  • making sure you’re in an early corral if you do plan to move fast
  • bringing water on the course if you’re a ‘back of the pack’ runner/walker.

I’m already registered for the Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Petersburg in February and am really counting on them to make this right, so I can redeem my faith in them, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m not backing out of the February race, but will think long and hard before seeking out Rock ‘n’ Roll races in the near future.

Did you run the Vegas Half Marathon/ Marathon? What were your thoughts?


I grabbed all the ingredients to make a chicken/hummus/cheese quesadilla for lunch, then realized I only had one tortilla left. Hmm… that wasn’t going to work.

On to plan b…


An open faced quesadilla that was ‘grilled’ under the broiler and topped with hummus, chicken, cheese, olives, and fresh fill. It was amazing.


On one side I had fresh apple slices.


On the other, a fresh tangerine.


My quesadilla was definitely missing it’s other end. sniff.

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December 7, 2011

GOOOOODDDD MORNNINGGGGG!!!!!! It’s BEAUTIFUL outside! Perfect running weather for an early morning tempo run. I did a total of 6 miles with a goal of 8:10/mi 3 mile tempo in the middle. My legs were still a bit sore from yesterday’s introduction to NROLFW 5A, so I was only able to average 8:20 on the more ยป

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