Wednesday, November 16, 2011


by Meghann on November 16, 2011

I learned an important lesson this afternoon – I get mean when I head to the gym in the evening.

I’m comfortable with my early morning gym crew. It’s mainly women and older men who are willing to have a nice chat between sets and are just happy to start their day with a workout. There are never any crowds and the free weight section is open to anyone who wants it.

I’m not so comfortable with the evening crew. It’s mainly 20-something boys who take over the free weights and push others out. I was the only girl today and could feel them looking down on me.

The crowded gym immediately put me on edge when I walked in, but the guys who were constantly asking me if I was done with one piece of equipment or another really started bugging me.

Are you done with that bench? Nope. One more set.

Can I get in that spot? Umm… I’m sort of in the middle of lifting heavy weights over my head. Can this wait?

Then there was the guy who moved my bench over before I had a chance to do it myself. He was trying to use a piece of equipment behind me and I had agreed to move, but right when I was placing my weights down he (very rudely) pushed my bench over to a spot where it became un-usable. Not cool.

That was the point I snapped and just focused on finishing. I started playing their rude game in return and fought for my weights, fought for my spot in front of the mirror, and fought for my right to use the equipment I needed. If they can be mean, so could I .

I can definitely see why so many people quickly give up going to the gym after work. It’s a very intimidating atmosphere that doesn’t foster health and happiness at all. It’s all about being mean and fighting for what you need to get your workout in. Totally worth it to wake up at 5:30am to get a (happier) workout in before work.

Or maybe it was just my experience this afternoon that turned me off to it all? All it takes is one bad experience to ruin it for the group.

Before the gym I snacked on a rice cake with a delicious pumpkin/pumpkin butter/peanut butter spread I combined then topped with raisins.


Such a great combination. I’ll need to do this again. 🙂

Since I didn’t return from the gym until late, I kept it easy for dinner.


The star of the meal was the pork I had seasoned with the BBQ 3000 Penzeys Spice.


I thought the pork would be a little dry on its own, but the BBQ 3000 spice was all it needed. It was slightly sweet with just the right amount of spice.


The Green Giant Sugar Snap Peas had disappointed me last week, but the frozen Green Giant Green Beans & Almond was a winner. (they were from a BOGO deal over the weekend)


The green beans were simple green beans (no sugar water) and the almond slivers gave a nice crunch.


The plate rounded out with some rutabaga fries I had baked at 400 for 25 minutes.


I had an Attune dark chocolate bar for dessert.


I’m exhausted. Need. Sleep. Now.

Good Night!

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