Friday, November 11, 2011

Poor Plating

by Meghann on November 11, 2011

Some things I realized this morning:

  1. Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away (which means I need to figure out what I’m making ASAP)
  2. Christmas isn’t too far after that (they even had the tree up at Epcot already)
  3. 2011 is almost over (what? I just got used to writing 11 after all my dates!)

Pretty soon it will be 2012, I’ll be turning 27 (gulp), and two of my siblings will be married.

I need a drink. Or chocolate.

It’s crazy how time flies, right? I went for a run with my friend Courtney yesterday and we had a whole conversation about her finals coming up in December. I remember having a very similar conversation recently when her semester was about to start up. Only it wasn’t recently, it was July. Fail.

I guess I just need to sit back and enjoy the ride because I have a feeling these next couple of months are just going to fly by. ๐Ÿ™‚

I apologize in advance for the poor plating job of my lunch. For some reason it was difficult to make a quesadilla with broccoli and salsa look pretty.


The quesadilla was filled with cheese, spinach, and black olives and was very greasy. I pressed it via the George Foreman and tried cutting it when it was still super hot. *tip* when making a quesadilla let it sit for a second – this gives the cheese time to harden/cool, otherwise you end up with a big gooey mess. ๐Ÿ™‚


I added salsa to the quesadilla and thought it would make a great condiment to the raw broccoli as well. It worked.


The container of mandarin oranges was a Dole Summit freebie that made a great sweet dessert after I polished off the quesadilla and broccoli.



All done.

Any big plans for the weekend?

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November 11, 2011

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